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At Spencer Publications, Bill informs Liam that his skyscraper will be built…on the Spectra property. Justin and Bill explain that Sally doesn’t own it; the Spencer trust does. Bill vows to keep many of Liam’s programs, but he won’t give up Sky, and says Spectra can relocate. Wyatt-warn-Liam-BB-HWLiam is irked by Wyatt backing Bill up, and reminds Bill how he sabotaged Sally. “You owe her.” Arguing ensues and Bill offers to allocate funds to relocate Sally’s business. Liam tells Bill he can build his skyscraper elsewhere. Bill wants it downtown and insists it will fill Liam with pride when he looks at it. Liam disagrees – he won’t let him build on that lot. Wyatt enters the melee as the trio debates heatedly at length. Finally, Liam is informed that majority rules. He doesn’t care; after all Sally’s been through he won’t let his father tear her building down. Bill doesn’t want to fight and seeks to compromise, while Wyatt interjects about putting family first. Bill makes a heartfelt speech about the need or Liam to accept this, and to be a part of it. “Be a Spencer.”

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In Sally’s office, Shirley finds her granddaughter alone and asks what happened to ‘her boy’. Sally sighs that Liam is not her boy, and just stopped by with the news that Bill’s back at Spencer. Shirley frets that the snake will find a way to harm them, despite Sally’s insistence that he can’t touch them. ‘Grams’ turns the conversation back to Sally crushing on Liam, which Sally denies. The redhead declares they are friends, and he is married. Shirley suggests she stop thinking of Steffy as anything other than what she is – her number one rival. Sally concedes that Liam is the greatest man she’s ever met; he made her dreams come true.

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Brooke-Steffy-discuss-men-BB-HWAt Forrester Creations, Steffy remarks on Brooke’s love life – she has two men to love her. Brooke quips, “Almost as much as they love themselves.” Steffy wonders if Brooke’s reached a decision, and has a bit of news that might help; Bill and Liam have made amends. Steffy describes the scene of forgiveness that took place in Bill’s office, and how the Spencer men agreed to run the family together. Brooke muses about Bill wanting peace in the family. Steffy pleads that Bill’s not the same man she walked out on, and feels he’s learned his lesson. Brooke hopes so; she’d like the newfound peace between Bill and Liam to last. Talk turns to Liam’s support for Sally. Steffy feels he went a little too far, but it’s all worked out as Sally’s influence over her husband is finally over.

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