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In Bill’s office, he teases Liam and Wyatt before turning serious and returning Liam’s sword necklace to him. Liam puts it on. Bill declares all is right in the world and hands out agreements that will make them equals – they will run Spencer Publications together. The boys sign on the dotted lines, and Liam takes off. Bill informs Wyatt that he’ll be leaning on him more than ever. Wyatt shrugs – he doesn’t want to upstage Liam or anything. Bill replies that after today, they don’t have to worry about his brother anymore. He reiterates that they will run the company together, but Liam’s got a problem with his goals, which involve doling out money. Bill makes it clear that he expects Wyatt to side with him on decisions – their two against Liam’s one is a majority. Justin and Alison enter with the model skyscraper. Wyatt looks concerned. He’s stunned to hear Bill still plans to build ‘Skye’ on the Spectra property. Justin explains how Liam’s gift to Sally is invalid without Bill’s signature. Wyatt calls his father out on the shifty plan. Bill reiterates he is counting on Wyatt to side with him and he’ll have a very bright future. Wyatt confirms that he’s ‘in’. Bill declares the majority will carry the motion and Spectra will have a date with the wrecking ball.

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Ridge-looks-at-designs-BB-HWAt Forrester Creations, Ridge is astonished to hear from Steffy that Bill asked Liam for forgiveness. He still wonders what happened between the two of them in the first place. Ridge reflects that working together might be good for Bill, but not so good for Liam. Steffy describes how Liam can be like his father, and Ridge points out he’s a good person, unlike his father. Steffy opines that he gives too much. “You wouldn’t believe what he’s given to Sally Spectra.” Ridge marvels when she fills him in, and wonders if Liam’s involved with Sally. Steffy feels he’s not the unfaithful type – he’s a good guy, maybe too good.

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Sally-exasperated-look-Shirley-BB-HWIn Spectra Fashions’ office, Shirley muses about Sally coming by the property through Liam Spencer, whom she believes is perfect for her granddaughter. Sally knows her Grams would love it if she had a ‘sugar daddy’ but Liam is married. Shirley presses for details of their arrangement. Sally concedes that Liam is the most amazing man she’s ever met, but she doesn’t want anything from him. Liam arrives, and Shirley exits cracking jokes. Liam breaks the news that his father is back at Spencer, and they’re all going to run the company together. He reminds her the building is hers, so in theory, she has nothing to worry about from his dad. Liam feels Sally will be big once she opens the doors to the new Spectra.

Liam returns to Spencer and is stunned to see the skyscraper model. He asks why ‘she’s’ back and why Wyatt’s looking at the floor. “What the hell’s going on here?”

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Liam is upset about Bill’s plans regarding the Spectra deal.

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