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At home, Liam reflects to Steffy about Bill’s forgiveness – he opened up to him as he’s never done before…because of her. Steffy-Liam-discuss-Sally-BB-CBSSteffy credits Bill for changing his attitude. Liam hopes it sticks, and that he won’t unravel everything he did at Spencer, including the Spectra deal. Steffy points out that Bill believes he made that deal to spite him. She admits she still thinks Liam gave Sally too much. They debate. Liam maintains that Spencer owes Sally. Steffy cautions that Bill isn’t like him – there’s only one Liam Spencer…and he’s all hers. They make love. After, they canoodle and discuss her peacemaking. Liam tells her how extraordinary she is, and they express their love.

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Eric interacts with Il Giardino’s chef Josh (played by Big Brother’s Josh Martinez) before Sheila appears with a pitcher of water to chat.Sheila-hinting-to-Eric-BB-CBS She digs to find out how Eric’s ‘really’ doing since he took Quinn back, and hints that his wife is not someone he can trust. Eric gets testy and informs Sheila he’s forgiven Quinn. He won’t sit there and listen to Sheila disparage his wife – their marriage is more solid than ever. The chef passes through with Cherries Jubilee, which Eric turns down. Getting back to Sheila, he reiterates he doesn’t have doubts about Quinn. Sheila insists Quinn craves attention and it’s only a matter of time before she succumbs to the touch of another man. Eric stands; he’s not going to listen to this. Sheila keeps pushing and suggests he should be asking if Quinn is really worthy of all he’s given her. Eric holds up his hands as Sheila presses on, and reminds him if Quinn hurts him, he can turn to her.

At the Forrester mansion, Mateo tells Quinn she’s attractive and reminds her they’re all alone. Quinn orders him to stop…now! She rants that her husband hired him because he trusted him. “Get out of here now!” Mateo protests that it was a mistake and pleads for Quinn to forgive him. She can’t, and states, “You’re fired.” Very upset, Mateo keeps apologizing – he doesn’t know what he was thinking. Quinn doesn’t either. Finally, the masseuse blurts that it wasn’t his idea – a lady offered him a lot of money to do it. Quinn demands her name. Mateo replies, “Sheila Carter.” Quinn fumes. Mateo comes clean about his conversations with Sheila, and reveals she wants Mr. Forrester for herself. Quinn is horrified to learn Sheila has a portrait of herself in her hotel room for over the mantle. She vows Sheila will never be Mrs. Forrester ever again. Quinn informs the anxious guy if he wants to keep his job, he’ll have to help her. Mateo nods.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila gets texts from Mateo saying the job is done and there was much more than kissing. Sheila exults that her plan was successful. “I got you, Quinn.”

At the Forrester house, Quinn thanks Mateo on a ‘good job’ and murmurs, “I got you, Sheila.”

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