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At Spencer Publications, Steffy exhales as Liam and Bill embrace. Bill tells his son he failed to lead as an example – he did things no father ever should – but blackmailing him was wrong too. Steffy cautions, “Bill…” Liam-Bill-mystified-BB-CBSBill claims he wants to be a little more like Liam; kinder and more sensitive. He lost his wife and his son, and wants his son back. Liam wants that too. Bill chortles that they’re family and shouldn’t be at war. He knows they’ll butt heads, but will channel it positively in the future. Liam is mystified by Bill’s unexpected good will. Bill explains that Steffy made him realize what he’d be doing if he went after Liam. He asks Liam to do him the honor of staying on at Spencer as his right hand. Father and son agree they could benefit from their differences. Liam believes Bill is sincere. He offers forgiveness and also apologizes. They embrace as Steffy tears up.

Katie-Wyatt-speculate-Bill-Liam-BB-CBSAt Forrester Creations, Wyatt and Katie wonder what’s going on at his father’s company. He decides he should go over there. Katie muses that perhaps the situation changed Bill for the good a little bit. Talk turns to people working through things and Wyatt realizes she’s thinking of her and Brooke. Katie loves her sister and didn’t want to live with anger and resentment. She hopes Liam and Bill will be able to move past this, and urges Wyatt to intervene.

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In the Forrester mansion, Quinn struggles to turn off an alarm. Mateo appears and jumps in to take care of everything. After, Quinn remarks she’s not sleeping very well since she found out about Katie and Wyatt. Mateo offers a massage, but Quinn wants to nap. Mateo reminds her he’s always at her service.

At Il Giardino, Sheila flashes to warning Mateo to get the job done. The estate manager phones and relays that he’s alone with Quinn, who is in her bedroom. Sheila insists he go and join her. He’s unsure, but she hisses, “Stop with the excuses and just get it done.”

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Quinn-inappropriate-BB-CBSMateo knocks and enters Quinn’s bedroom, saying he needs a look at the electrical panel. She decides she needs a massage. Once it gets underway, Mateo slides his hand under the edge of Quinn’s towel. She reacts that the way he’s touching her is inappropriate. He asks if she wants him to stop.

Steffy-cry-happy-BB-CBWyatt arrives at Spencer, and learns Bill and Liam have forgiven each other. Liam beams at Steffy. Bill starts talking about not losing Brooke to the ‘poser’ as Wyatt turns the conversation to the changes Liam made. Bill will review them – with an open mind. He reminds Liam to treat Steffy as she deserves, or he’ll really come after him. Bill announces the Spencers are back and grabs both of his sons. Steffy cries happy tears.

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