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At Spencer Publications, Liam calls Alison to ask if they hired a new cleaning crew since something seems different. Steffy arrives with another plea for him to delete the recording and meet Bill halfway. Liam wants her to quit siding with his father, but she insists she’s not.

Justin-Ken-Bill-success-BB-HWIn Bill’s living room, he’s tickled when Justin reveals he combed Liam’s office and found a flashdrive containing a copy of the incriminating confession. Bill is intent on eliminating all copies – today. Ken the computer tech (played by Danny Woodburn) appears and announces he’s done – he wiped Liam’s digital files and cellphone files. Bill shakes Ken’s hand – he was worth every penny.

Katie-Wyatt-talk-close-FC-BB-HWWyatt takes Katie by surprise at Forrester Creations. He jokes that he was on his way to work, but his car brought him there to kiss her rather than endure another day of his brother’s coup. Katie hopes Bill appreciates Wyatt’s loyalty; it might make things easier when he finds out about them. Wyatt’s uncertain, and notes he doesn’t want Liam in charge, but doesn’t want him hurt either.

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Bill and Justin appear in Liam’s office, which Steffy thinks is ‘opportunity knocking’. Justin announces he’s loyal to Dollar Bill, who challenges Liam to go ahead and call the police on him and waste Lt. Baker’s time. Liam slowly realizes that they got to all the copies of the recording. Bill intones, “It’s over. Get out of my chair.” Bill confronts his son about family coming above all else – that should have mattered. He goes on to point out he made a mistake and apologized, that should have mattered as well, but Liam was too power hungry. Liam sweats. Bill-Liam-embrace-office-BB-HWSteffy warns Bill not to do anything he’ll regret, and hollers that he started this with his obsession with Spectra, and all Liam wanted was to be proud of his family’s company. “Find a way to run it together, right here, right now!” Liam and Bill address their issues in husky, tense voices. Bill informs Liam he should thank his wife for calming him and making him realize there is only one thing he wants. “And you’re going to give it to me…” Liam braces himself, but Bill unexpectedly says, “Your forgiveness. I want my family back. I love you, son.” They embrace and Liam returns the sentiment.

Back at Forrester, Wyatt gets a call and relays to Katie that Bill is back in charge at Spencer Publications. Katie thinks he should get over there and help to diffuse the situation, but Wyatt’s not keen on getting in the middle of it.

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