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At Spencer Publications, Liam confronts Justin about the ‘pushback’ he’s getting from him, which is sounding eerily similar to his father. He insists Justin make him believe he is 100% with him, and goes on to say that if he finds out Justin is going behind his back with Bill, he’s out of the company. Justin states, “I’m not your enemy.” Liam’s glad, because if he’s ever forced to tell the truth about the fire, his father won’t be the only one going down. Justin smirks and remarks that Liam is becoming more and more like Bill every day.

In Bill’s living room, he warns Steffy he’s losing his patience. Steffy will talk to her husband, but wants no more threats against him. Bill intones that if he has to force his way back into his company, there won’t be a place at Spencer for Liam. He agrees to one last peaceful attempt, and tells Steffy, “I don’t know how I’d get through this without you.” Justin-Bill-plan-BB-JJSteffy exits, and Justin appears. He questions Bill wanting to make peace with Liam after what he’s done. Soon, Bill and Justin are conferring with Ken, a computer tech (played by Danny Woodburn) with a penchant for earl grey tea, who is charged with hacking into the Spencer computer system to find the incriminating recording of Bill’s confession. Once alone, Bill tells Justin he will have his company back, whatever it takes. He rants about eliminating the recording – one way or another he will end this blackmailing power grab. “Find that recording, Justin!”

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At Katie’s place, she and Wyatt rehash the scene in the bedroom with Quinn. Wyatt feels it was typical for his mother. He’s concerned that when Bill finds out about them, he’ll have his head. Since they’re on the subject of Bill, Katie reveals that Brooke is filing for divorce. Wyatt is stunned. Katie points out Bill could have killed someone. Wyatt counters that he covered his bases, but quickly assures her he’s not condoning what he did. They canoodle briefly before Wyatt reveals that Bill has threatened Liam. Katie feels someone should stop him. Wyatt thinks Steffy is trying, but warns Bill will have his payback. He asks if they’re ‘good’. Katie replies in a sultry voice, “Yeah. Better than good.” Wyatt grins.

Liam consults with the head of security at Spencer as Steffy arrives. She announces Bill wants a reconciliation and Liam laughs. “Why did you go to him?” Steffy wants the war to be over and insists Bill wants peace, just as she does – he loves Liam. Liam loves Bill too, he just doesn’t like him anymore. Steffy complains watching them fight is torture, and asks Liam to make peace for her sake. Liam feels Bill attacking, right now, and says peace isn’t possible. Steffy presses him to delete the recording and end the feud. Liam says he can’t; it’s his only protection.

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