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In his living room, Bill flashes to warning Liam his life will go up in flames, then to telling Steffy how much he appreciates her. Steffy enters and implores him to find a way to make peace. Bill launches into a rant about Liam driving his company into the ground. Steffy reminds him Liam is her husband, and that he put this all into motion when he burned down Spectra. She wants him to own up to his actions, and adds, “Stop threatening Liam. There will be no revenge.” They argue about Liam’s actions. Bill wants him to suffer. Steffy vows not to let it happen – she will do everything she can to keep the Spencer family from destroying itself. Bill gets back on the theme of Liam not treating Steffy with the respect she deserves, which irritates her. She reiterates that she wants peace. Steffy is relieved when Bill concedes he wants that too, and rubs his knee reassuringly. Bill doesn’t know how to get there, but that tofu-y boy is his son. Steffy will help. Bill warns the clock is ticking – if she can’t enact a peaceful resolution, he will take his company back.

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Ridge arrives at Spencer Publications, noting it’s the first time he’s been there and not wanted to throw up in his mouth. Liam muses that his father could have that effect on people. Ridge wonders why Bill took a leave of absence. Liam deflects, and talk turns to Brooke leaving Bill. Liam figures she and Ridge will end up back together. Ridge is surprised when Liam wishes him luck with Brooke instead of advocating for his father. Talk turns to Bill hitting Liam. Ridge is sorry, but he still wants to know why Spencer lost his son, his company, and his wife. He asks if Liam’s afraid of Bill. Liam isn’t – he can’t harm him. He alludes to Bill having to face the consequences of his actions. Ridge advises Liam to stay away from helicopters, and compliments him on how he’s doing his job.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie flashes to Quinn hollering at her. Brooke-Katie-divorcing-Bill-BB-HWBrooke enters the office, notices the look on her sister’s face, and wonders if everything’s okay. Katie avoids answering by asking what Brooke decided to do about Bill. Brooke admits she ended her marriage, and says, “I didn’t have any choice.” Katie sympathizes. They rehash Bill’s actions and agree he can be dangerous. Brooke says Ridge wants to reunite, but she needs to be alone right now, and not rush into anything. Katie thinks it’s a good idea, but predicts she and Ridge will end up together. Brooke ruminates about Bill’s penchant for pushing the boundaries – she thought she could stand by him, but it’s not her. Katie assures her sister she will figure out how to move on. “Happiness will find you, trust me, I know.” She thinks for Brooke, it may be with Ridge.

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