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In the Forrester mansion, Mateo assures Quinn that everything will be fine – no man could stay mad at her for long. Quinn grumbles that she got physical with Katie and strained her back. Mateo wants to get her back on the table. In the massage room, Quinn winces and rants about her distrust of Katie as Mateo urges her to relax. She admits she’s scared since Eric was so angry. Mateo assures her she didn’t overreact and remarks that she’s a passionate person – he is too.

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At Katie’s house, Eric learns that Quinn found her and Wyatt together and attacked her. She rants that his wife burst into her bedroom and went berserk. Katie details the incident, recounting that Quinn screamed like she was being murdered, dragged her forcibly from the bed, and forbade her to see Wyatt again. Eric declares that this is simply too much. Katie asks if this is really the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Eric admits he’s distressed by Quinn’s recent behavior. Katie wonders what will happen when she does something he can’t fix? She doesn’t want to see him get hurt – there must be someone else for him.

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Eric-lay-into-Quinn-BB-CBSEric bursts into the massage room back at the mansion, and confronts Quinn about attacking Katie. He sends Mateo out, but he listens at the door as Eric goes on about Quinn’s penchant for physical violence – Katie has marks on her arm! “I’m so disappointed in you!” he hollers.

Sheila spots Charlie and Pam seated at Il Giardino. Pam sees Sheila too, and is whispering about her to Charlie when Sheila comes to serve them. Pam remarks on the restaurant’s close proximity to Forrester Creations. Sheila insists it’s a coincidence and she’s trying hard to jumpstart a new life. Pam-Sheila-Il-Giardino-BB-HWPam isn’t buying the ‘coincidence’. Charlie pipes up, “You could have waitressed anywhere.” He’s called back to Forrester, and Sheila pulls up a seat to assure Pam she is currently her ‘best self’. She points out they both wants what’s best for Eric, who will vouch for the positive change in her. Pam counters that Eric wants to believe the best about everyone. Sheila brings up Stephanie. Pam misses her so much. Sheila warns Stephanie wouldn’t approve of Quinn. Pam concedes Quinn may not be right for Eric, but neither is Sheila. Sheila insists Quinn will hurt him again, and plays up to Pam, urging her to call if she wants to talk about the loss of her sister. After, Sheila takes a call from Mateo, who fills her in on Quinn attacking Katie. Sheila is pleased. Il Giardino’s hostess (played by Jessica Graf) directs Sheila to a table, but she stays on the line, relishing Mateo’s account of Eric laying into Quinn. After disconnecting, she flashes to marrying Eric. “We will be together again, Eric.”

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