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In the Forrester mansion, Eric learns Quinn went to Katie’s house after Mateo mentioned seeing Wyatt’s car parked there. Eric’s concerned, and gives Mateo the rundown on what’s going on. Eric worries he’ll have to go over there.

In Katie’s bedroom, Quinn screeches and rants at the sight of Wyatt and Katie under the duvet together. Quinn grabs a protesting Katie, drags her from the bed, and orders her to stay put – if she even looks at her son again, she’ll tear her apart!Wyatt-Quinn-psycho-BB-CBS Wyatt scrambles to dress. Quinn shouts at her son, “I knew you were lonely, but not desperate.” Wyatt and Katie endure a few more insults before Wyatt yells that his mother is behaving like a psycho. Quinn learns Eric knew about them, and digests that nugget before announcing that their – whatever this is – is over. Wyatt hollers that she doesn’t get to make the rules anymore. Undeterred, Quinn reiterates that it’s done and demands Katie stay away from her son. Afterward, Katie declares that was terrifying – Quinn acted like an animal! Wyatt caresses her hair and reassures her. Wyatt regrets how inadequately he reacted. Katie worries that was the ‘old’ Quinn – she totally lost control.

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Quinn bursts back into the mansion and confronts Eric about keeping something so important from her. Eric wanted to give Wyatt a chance to tell her himself. Upstairs, Mateo listens as Quinn rants that it made her sick, and texts Sheila to let her know the Forresters are arguing. Downstairs, Eric tells Quinn that Katie and Wyatt are adults; she’s overreacting. Quinn-Mateo-not-alone-BB-CBSQuinn wonders how she’s to react when she finds out her son is with Katie Logan and her husband is lying to her? Eric insists he didn’t lie; he was respecting Wyatt’s wishes. Besides, Katie saved her life and is a terrific person. Quinn argues that Katie tried to destroy their marriage. As she goes on, Eric pronounces this is getting ridiculous. “You’re out of control.” Eric walks out so they don’t say anything they’ll regret. Mateo appears. “You’re not alone, you’ve got me.” They embrace.

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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Rick and Maya pledge their support to Brooke on her decision to divorce Bill. Talk turns to how Katie will react about her leaving Bill. Brooke gets the feeling there’s a lot going on with her sister she doesn’t know about it. “I want to be completely honest with one another.” She rehashes that Katie’s marriage to Bill ended so they could be together, but reflects that she’s had a glow about her – she may be seeing someone. Maya and Rick join in the speculation. Maya can’t imagine that there is anything Katie wouldn’t share with Brooke. Everyone agrees that Katie seems happy and Brooke feels better about how her situation might impact her sister, who is very strong.

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