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At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Ridge that there is so much good in Bill that others don’t see. Ridge thinks she brought out the best in him, but questions his innate character. RJ enters the office and Brooke informs him she doesn’t know what the future holds, but she had to end her marriage to Bill. Brooke-Ridge-funny-look-BB-HWRJ worries about Bill’s penchant for getting even, but Brooke and Ridge reassure him. Once the kid’s gone, Ridge says that RJ loves her; they all love her, and she leans her head on his shoulder. Ridge alludes to her leaning on him, and she warns him not to get ideas. He presses to learn more about what Bill did, and Brooke assures Ridge he never raised a hand to her, but says he did punch Liam and knock him to the ground. Ridge asks what set him off, but she declines to elaborate. They agree to keep a lid on RJ’s expectations. Brooke reminds her ex when they’re not together, he wants to be, and when they are, he’s not sure. Ridge replies, “Ouch.” He would like to make it up to her, if she’ll let him.

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Katie-Wyatt-discussion-heels-BB-HWAt Katie’s place, Wyatt argues that she doesn’t ‘need’ to get back to work. They kiss. Talk turns to Eric keeping their secret. Wyatt thinks they should be prepared for exposure – what if Brooke walks in? Katie muses that she’s otherwise occupied. Wyatt doubts she’ll dump his father, but Katie warns other men end up being a footnote to Ridge in Brooke’s life. The pair goes back to flirting and kissing before making their way up to the bedroom.

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In Eric’s living room, Mateo is keen to help fix something for him, and Quinn remarks that her back is feeling much better. Eric thanks him for taking such good care of his wife. Once Mateo’s gone, Eric and Quinn discuss taking good care of the ‘boy’ and how he’s a bit of a closed book. Quinn reveals she learned that he split up with his girlfriend. Her thoughts turn to Wyatt – she really wishes he would find someone. Quinn wonders about setting him up with Charlotte the intern at Forrester. Eric suggests maybe her son is busy with other interests. Quinn agrees – they could be athletic. Eric smirks a little. After a while, Mateo mentions to Quinn that he saw her son next door. Later, Eric is looking for Quinn when Mateo says she may have gone to see her son at Ms. Logan’s.

At Katie’s place, Quinn knocks before letting herself in and calling out. Upstairs, Katie and Wyatt are making out passionately, rolling around in the sheets nearly naked when Quinn walks in. Wyatt hides under the duvet at first, but eventually shows himself. Quinn gasps in horror. “No, no, no!”

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