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At Bill’s place, he implores Brooke to put her ring back on so they can get on with their lives. Bill places the ring in her palm and insists giving up isn’t an option; they’ll get through this together. Bill-Brooke-ring-BB-HWBrooke rehashes that people could have died, and he didn’t feel sorry for Sally, but for himself. Bill protests. Brooke doesn’t want to take his sort of risks – she doesn’t call it giving up, she calls it growing up. Bill reminds her of the vows they took. Brooke will always love him, but not as his wife. Bill can’t believe it, and tells her she’s not leaving. This is her home and she’s never walking out that door again! Brooke brings up dumping Ridge out of a helicopter, and Bill argues that was justified. The blonde reveals his behavior scares her; he scares her. She cannot put the ring on and accept his terrible choices. “I have to end this marriage.” Brooke returns the ring and cries before leaving. Bill gets a tear and flashes to Brooke proposing, before recalling his threat about Liam.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie updates Ridge that Brooke has gone to ‘clarify’ things with Bill, but she’s no idea what she planned to say. Katie-Ridge-discuss-Brooke-BB-HWRidge grouses about the idea that she might forgive Bill, and Katie points out she forgave him on multiple occasions, and adds that Bill can be very persuasive, especially if you’re in love with him. She insists just being realistic, but Ridge opines that Brooke and Bill were never a realistic pair. As Ridge departs, Katie calls out, “I’m rooting for you.” Later, Brooke returns and tells Ridge it’s over with Bill. He embraces her.

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In Liam’s office, Steffy listens to her husband doing business on the phone while flashing to Bill’s frightening threats against him. Bill-Liam-square-off-Steffy-BB-HWAfter Liam disconnects, Steffy expresses concern about Bill, who is angry and plotting. She warns, “You have to be ready. Bill will fight back.” Liam is irritated when she keeps working to get him to see his father’s point of view. Steffy wants them to fix this, and adds that if Brooke walks out on Bill, he will make Liam pay. Liam doesn’t feel guilty about Bill facing consequences. Later, Liam gets a call that Bill’s on his way up. Steffy urges her husband to be conciliatory. Bill enters and growls that Liam took his company and his wife; Brooke’s divorcing him. Liam wonders if he’s really surprised. Bill becomes threatening and calls Liam a hypocrite who doesn’t understand that family comes first. He blames his son for Brooke being gone. Liam retorts, “Blame yourself.” Bill seethes that if he thought burning an old building was bad, Liam should think again. “Your life is about to go up in flames.”

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