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In the new massage room, Quinn moans her approval as Mateo works on her bare back. Mateo flashes to Sheila urging him to get the job done. In the main house, Rick, Maya, and Eric puzzle over why Brooke has walked away from Bill. Rick-Maya-Eric-living-room-BB-HWTalk turns to Quinn’s painful back, and Eric enthuses about Mateo’s magic hands. He admits he surprised himself by allowing the massage, and chortles, “I arranged it myself!” Meanwhile, in the massage room, Mateo imagines ordering Quinn to turn over, stripping off his shirt, and her running her hand down his sweaty bicep and saying, “I’m all yours, every inch of me.” He snaps out of it just before a fantasy kiss. Later, Quinn crows to Eric in the bedroom that she’s free of pain. Eric worries about the masseuse, but Quinn reassures him, and alludes to being ready for ‘all sorts’ of activities. They kiss.

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At Forrester Creations, RJ asks Ridge if Brooke has spoken of divorcing Spencer. His father hopes she will. In the design office, Brooke notices that Katie has a new glow about her and asks, “Is there a new man in your life?” Katie deflects, and Brooke calls her on it. Katie changes the subject to focus on her sister. “Where do things stand with you and Bill?” The blonde declares that what’s going on isn’t fair to her, Bill, or Ridge. She needs to clarify things and texts Bill. Later, Ridge questions Katie, who has no idea what Brooke will do.

At Bill’s place, he grumbles to Justin that he wants his life back, and his wife back. Justin thinks maybe Brooke needs more time. Bill counters that the more time they spend apart, the more likely they’ll be apart for good. Justin wonders if Ridge is making a play for her. Bill-Brooke-hold-hair-BB-HWBill picks up the ring Brooke took off her finger and muses that he won’t give up on her. Just then, Brooke texts; she’s on her way over. Bill warns Justin if Brooke ends things, he will strike Liam so hard he’ll feel pain like he can’t even imagine. When Brooke arrives, she announces she made a decision. Bill takes her shoulders and makes a heartfelt speech about their love, his regret and plan to regain her trust, and asks her to come back to him.

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In Sheila’s hotel room, she returns from getting ice to find Charlie’s unveiled her portrait. She vows it will hang above the mantle in the house of the man she loves. Charlie repeats that Eric is very happily married, and reports that Ridge is back to spending time with Brooke Logan, now that she and ‘buck and a quarter’ Bill have split. Sheila assures Charlie that someone else will get their hands on Quinn. Later, Sheila gets an update from Mateo, who assures her it will take time, but he knows what he’s doing.

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