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At home, Bill flashes to telling Steffy she’s the total package. Bill-Justin-report-on-Liam-BB-HWHe then calls her at work to get an update on Liam. She says he came home last night, and Bill’s threats need to stop. Bill reiterates that he doesn’t appreciate her. Later, Justin shows up and complains about Liam giving handouts – all he needs is a sleigh and reindeer. Bill plans to put a stop to it. He speculates on Liam’s interest in Sally, and complains he cost him Brooke. Bill adds Liam is neglecting his own wife – you don’t do that to a woman like Steffy and hang onto her. Justin wonders, “What are you going to do, Dollar Bill?”

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At Forrester, Steffy disconnects from Bill and Liam arrives. He reassures his wife how much he loves her. Steffy didn’t approve of his trip with Sally, but understands why he went. She warns Liam he needs to be very careful of Bill, who is ruthless and suffering. Liam realizes she’s seen his father again, and he got to her. He recounts a story illustrating how terribly Bill’s treated his employees and declares he won’t be coming back to Spencer Publications. Steffy worries he’ll come after Liam. Liam has the company, and her; that’s all that matters.

In the Forrester living room, Quinn gushes to Eric that Mateo’s massage was really very good. Eric notes that Mateo is very young and good-looking. Quinn laughs this off and points out if her back feels better, it is better for their ‘other’ activities. Eric decides to text Mateo to continue working his magic, so she can continue to work her magic.

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At Sheila’s hotel, she thanks Mateo for coming again, and goes over the plan for him to help her become Mrs. Forrester again. She warns him not to even think about backing out. Mateo receives a text from Eric asking him to buy a massage table on his way in today. Sheila, pleased, enthuses that Quinn is going to cheat on Eric again – with Mateo. Later, Charlie shows up, unsummoned. He wants Sheila out of town and wonders how she scored the job pushing pasta at Il Giardino – she’s an ex-con who should still be in the slammer. Charlie hollers, “I want you out of Los Angeles!” Sheila laughs and laughs. Charlie goes on about Sheila stalking Eric from the restaurant and insists she has zero chance of landing Eric. Sheila vows she will be Eric’s wife again.

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Eric-Quinn-massage-table-BB-JJMateo arrives at the mansion with the new massage table, and confers with Eric and Quinn as they set up the room. Quinn beams in anticipation of getting on the table. Eric returns to see the room later, and gives Mateo a speech about trust, along with a warning not to cross him. Quinn emerges in a towel and tells Mateo, “I’m ready if you are.” Mateo oils Quinn up as he flashes to Sheila ordering him to get the job done.

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