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On the Spencer jet, Sally informs Liam she’s fine with using the architectural firm they had on retainer now that she knows Bill started the fire. Liam makes it clear the trip is strictly professional, and Sally assures him she understands. She just hopes that Steffy knows how lucky she is to have him. In San Francisco, the representatives from the architectural firm board for a meeting and a plan is set. Liam-Sally-toast-jet-BB-HWAfter, Sally enthuses that she can’t believe this is happening and it’s all thanks to Liam. They celebrate with a champagne toast. Sally marvels that she’s never had a man treat her as he does, then quickly assures him she respects his marriage. Sally lets him know that if he weren’t taken, she wouldn’t be opposed to more, but she knows he’s devoted to Steffy. As the jet lands, Liam muses about getting his marriage back on track so nothing comes between them again.

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At Bill’s place, he explains to Steffy that he had to come clean to Brooke about the fire, then returns to ranting about his ingrate of a son, Liam.Steffy-Bill-sound-off-BB-HW Steffy asks him to stop; Liam is her husband. Bill scoffs that he flew off with another woman – Liam doesn’t respect Steffy as she deserves. Bill works up a good rage about his skyscraper and Liam giving hand-outs to employees. The one thing Bill can’t bear to lose is Brooke. He warns Steffy if she doesn’t come home, it will be the final straw. Steffy points out that Bill told Brooke about his role in the fire, not Liam. Bill argues none of this would have happened had Liam not backed him into a corner, and repeats that his son will face revenge he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy.

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At the Forrester mansion, Nicole, who is home to see her parents, chats with Eric and Rick. She asks where everyone is, and Eric says Quinn’s taking a steam for her painful back. Rick and Nicole exit. At the steam room, Mateo, hoping to make a repair, walks in on Quinn. They chat and Quinn learns he’s a registered massage therapist and asks him to massage her on the bed. Mateo agrees, but looks slightly panicky. Mateo gets on top of her, getting ‘deep into the muscle’ as Quinn moans encouragement, then flashes to Sheila’s offer. Later, Quinn enthuses to Eric about Mateo’s talents.

Sheila-portrait-hotel-room-BB-HWIn her hotel room, Sheila flashes to offering Mateo money to interfere in Quinn’s marriage. She talks to her portrait about being hung up in the Forrester mansion. Later, Mateo arrives to update Sheila about the massage. He’s still not sure he can break up a marriage. Sheila doubles her offer; though he doesn’t get the rest of the money until she becomes Mrs. Forrester again. “You get the job done, Mr. Fix It.”

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