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At Brooke’s place, she tells Steffy that Ridge thinks she should leave Bill and go back to him. Steffy asks if she’d really do that. Brooke admits she loves Bill. Steffy wonders then if she’s prepared to end her marriage to him. The blonde needs to know she married a good man. Steffy counters that even good men make mistakes, and she can still hold him accountable while saving the marriage. If she gives up on him, she could lose him forever.

Bill-confronts-Ridge-Forrester-Creations-BB-CBSBill busts into Ridge’s office at Forrester. Ridge smirks and asks his nemesis what he did to push Brooke away. He mocks Bill for screwing up so much that she took her ring off. Bill insists his marriage isn’t over, and he doesn’t need Ridge hanging around like a flu bug interfering while they work through things.

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Sally and Shirley are dealing with issues at Spectra when Liam arrives. Shirley snipes at him for being a Spencer, but Sally hushes her. Liam announces he’s going to San Francisco and thinks the redhead should come with him. Shirley is curious about the ‘business trip’, and Liam says there are people in San Francisco he thinks Sally should meet. Once alone, Liam tells Sally the trip’s not a secret. Sally reminds him his investment in Spectra is a secret.Sally-smiling-at-Liam-BB-CBS Liam talks her into coming with him on the trip to meet the professionals Spencer has on retainer to see if they can help with her renovations. Talk turns to Liam having the power to make changes. Sally wonders why he wants them to succeed so much. He shrugs about helping one another out. She expresses her deep gratitude. Later, Sally updates Shirley on Liam sweetly trying to help her out. Shirley is enthusiastic about it all and notes Liam’s gorgeous. Sally wonders how Steffy will feel about it. Grams doesn’t think it should matter; she can see that Liam is the one for Sally.

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Ridge arrives at Brooke’s place, and advises her to take as much time as she needs to figure things out. He adds that he’ll be right there when she does; Ridge isn’t a fan of living life without her, and vows he’s learned his lesson. They joke about growing old.

At Spencer Publications, Steffy briefly broaches the subject of Brooke and Bill before talk turns to his upcoming trip. She wishes she could go. Liam does too, but muses that she might not like the company – he asked Sally to go with him. Steffy is not pleased that he is still feeling the need to help the redhead; he’s already done enough and far more than Sally deserves.

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