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At Spencer, Steffy listens as Liam spars verbally with Bill over speakerphone. When Wyatt suddenly blurts out that Liam made himself CEO, Liam grimaces and sighs. Bill confirms that his brother is the only one with him. Wyatt complains about Liam blackmailing their father and demands they start behaving like a family. Bill asks Liam to delete the recording again, but Liam says that would give him license to keep doing what he does. Bill disconnects. Liam talks to Steffy about protecting any future children they might have from the damage Bill could do.

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Bill-Wyatt-discuss-Liam-BB-HWIn Bill’s living room, after hanging up on Liam, he tells Wyatt his brother has made his decision – and he could live with it if Brooke were there. Later, Steffy joins Bill, who feels if she can’t get through to Liam, no one can. She points out he comes by his stubbornness honestly. Bill owes Steffy for never turning her back on him. Stressed out, Bill complains he can’t live this way. Steffy suggests a change of scenery. After a bike ride, Bill feels better, but wonders what he has left. Steffy assures him as long as she’s around, he has a friend.

Maya-Rick-beam-Ridge-Brooke-BB-HWAt Brooke’s place, Maya, Rick, Coco, Ridge and RJ are gathered. They surprise Brooke by announcing they picked up her stuff and moved it back there. RJ declares, “Welcome home, Mom.” Brooke thanks the. Coco and RJ step aside to whisper about whether his parents will reunite before rejoining the others to joke. RJ tells Brooke it hasn’t been the same without her. They all share a meal and Rick opines that the Forrester family has felt broken without his mother at the center. Ridge agrees. Later, Ridge reveals he’s moved back to his loft, and asks what he can do to make Brooke happy. She says he’s already doing it.

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Wyatt arrives in Liam’s office as he is listening to the recording of Bill confessing. He starts in about Liam being ungrateful for everything Bill’s done for him. Liam reminds him someone could have died. Wyatt agrees with him ethically, but wonders if he’s forgotten where he came from. He argues that Liam cannot remove Bill from the equation – they’re blood – and reminds him of all the luxuries he enjoys thanks to their dad. Liam complains it’s blood money and he plans to do some good with it now. When Wyatt keeps it up, Liam reveals that Thomas left Sally and went back to Caroline because Bill told him she had a fatal disease. Wyatt gapes. He admits it was wrong, but so is blackmail. Liam accuses Wyatt of working to be Bill’s ‘mini-me’ because he’s scared of him – wouldn’t he like to be a part of what Liam is trying to do at Spencer?

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