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At Spencer Publications, Steffy places her hands on Bill’s chest and urges him to go ahead and be vulnerable – she’s there for him. Bill laments that he’s lost so much, so quickly. Steffy doesn’t think he should stop fighting for Brooke, and offers to help any way she can. The conversation turns to Liam, and the money he’s costing Bill with his do-gooder policies, but he’s willing to meet in the middle if it will give him his son back. Steffy assures him she’ll talk to her husband and they’ll heal this divide. Bill feels she’s an incredible woman, and Liam is lucky to have her. They joke and exchange more compliments before expressing hope they can overcome this as a family. On his way out, Bill gives a sly smile as he glances back in at Steffy, who’s not paying attention.

Sally-smiles-at-Liam-new-Spectra-BB-HWLiam arrives at Spectra Fashions, where Sally unveils the progress in her office. Liam enthuses that you can’t even tell there was a fire. Sally gushes that she has plans that he can’t even imagine and thanks him again. Talk turns to Sally needing to find an architect, a builder, and tools. Liam thinks he can help. He offers to let Sally use the building contractors Bill had on retainer to build Spencer Towers. She thanks him profusely and vows to pay him back.

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At Katie’s place, Wyatt questions his lover as to why Brooke is ending her marriage to his father. He figures Bill must have done something bad and asks what she knows. Before she can answer, Wyatt recaps everything that’s happened at Spencer Publications since the Spectra fire. Katie cringes. He asks if there’s a connection. Katie, tearing up, warns him about asking questions – does he really want to know what his father’s capable of? Wyatt’s panic escalates as he realizes Brooke left Bill because he’s responsible for the fire. Katie sobs, “I can’t say it.” Wyatt reassures her; he knows that’s what happened.

At Bill’s place, Wyatt confronts his father about setting fire to Spectra Fashions, and is floored to hear that Liam blackmailed him out of Spencer Publications. Bill fumes that the ‘little snitch’ recorded him confessing. Talk turns to Brooke, who cannot accept his criminal behavior. Bill can’t change it, but feels what is unforgivable is a son stabbing his father in the back. Wyatt cautions Bill against doing something he regrets in anger. Bill assures him he’ll be calculated, and will get him out. They commiserate about Liam’s ‘hippy-dippy’ tendencies, and Bill reveals Steffy is trying to make peace. He is certain Liam will live to regret this.

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Liam returns to Spencer, and continues to resist Steffy’s pleas regarding Bill. His father calls on speakerphone, and adopting a conciliatory tone, asks to put the acrimony behind them and run the company as a team…if Liam will erase the tape. Liam confirms the recording is on his cellphone by playing it. Steffy and Bill both push for Liam to destroy it…now.

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