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At Brooke’s place, Bill insists to his wife that they can get through this. “If you need more time, then take it, but don’t take off your ring.” Bill acknowledges his behavior was out of control but he didn’t break his vows to her, and he won’t let her break hers – he put the ring on her finger forever. Brooke-Bill-more-time-BB-CBSBrooke argues that he claimed to have been a better man because of her, but he’s the same man that ordered Ridge thrown out of the helicopter. He could have hurt people or gone to jail – did he even consider that? She loves Bill but this part of him terrifies her – he didn’t think about Sally’s employees, only himself and what he wanted. She doesn’t want this behavior in her life, or RJ’s. Brooke rants that Liam, who has morals, turned to blackmail because of him. She removes the ring. Bill won’t take them and pleads that he’ll never let her down again. “I love you.” Brooke responds, “Goodbye, Bill.” She’ll always have their precious memories. Brooke places the ring in his hand, and cries as he leaves.

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Eric-Ridge-whole-again-BB-CBSEric joins Ridge at Forrester Creations – there’s something he has to set straight. He recalls telling Ridge he wasn’t his son anymore; wanting to hurt him. But what he said was untrue – he is his son and nothing can ever change that. Eric is sorry and wants them to move past this. Ridge only ever wanted that, and for him and Quinn to be happy. Eric and Ridge agree they want to make the family whole again. Talk turns to Brooke’s issues with Bill. Ridge is excited about the possibilities. RJ appears and chimes in that his mom is meant to be with his father. They all speculate about what Brooke will do.

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At Katie’s place, Wyatt updates her that Liam brought the Spectra building and gifted it to Sally. Katie’s blown away. Wyatt doesn’t understand why Bill’s not doing anything to stop it. Wyatt-Katie-missed-signs-BB-CBSKatie divulges that Bill may be preoccupied – Brooke called and said they’ve separated. Wyatt wonders if it’s all connected. Katie believes it must be. They wonder if they missed the signs of trouble between Brooke and Bill, and whether this will lead to a reconciliation with Ridge. Katie knows what Bill is capable of, and feels a need to take care of her sister. Wyatt insists Bill loves Brooke. Katie knows, but that doesn’t mean he won’t hurt her. She figures Brooke will find her way back to Ridge and their son. They make out and discuss their secret relationship, while joking about being spontaneous. This leads to spontaneous sex.

Brooke is reliving her memories of Bill in her living room when RJ and Ridge appear. They think she did the right thing. Ridge assures her he’s there for her. “I love you. I’ll always love you, Logan.” He holds her as she sobs.

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