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In Bill’s office, he debates with Brooke about whether or not the loss of Spectra Fashions is big news. He’s further irritated when Alison suggests he send Sally Spectra flowers. Brooke remarks that if Thomas had stayed he might have been able to help them set up shop again. She chastises Bill, not everything is a business crisis, it’s a human one.

At the hospital, the doctor may let Sally go home later today. As the staff lingers in the room, Shirley muses that they need a miracle – Thomas walks in. He sits down at Sally’s bedside. She beams and teases, “What did you bring me, Bucko?” Thomas-Sally-heart-BB-CBSThomas makes a heart with his hands. Once Shirley, Saul, Darlita, and Coco leave, Sally tells her boyfriend the one thing she is thankful for is that she still has him. Talk turns to Caroline. Thomas reports that she won’t tell her moms about the diagnosis, so he’s her only support. Sally describes the scene at the fire; watching her designs go up in flames. She couldn’t see her way forward…until he walked through the door. Sally asks if he’s still her champion, or did all that change? She hates to sound needy, but she is. “I need to know, Thomas. Are you back?”

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Caroline-Douglas-Bill-BB-CBSCaroline arrives at Spencer Publications with Douglas, and Brooke coos at the boy before leaving. Bill complains about Caroline not convincing Thomas to stay away. Caroline points out he was frantic for Sally, and adds that he deserves better. Bill once again works to convince Caroline of the need to keep the lie going a little longer. He worries about what will transpire with Thomas and Sally.

At Forrester Creations, Liam informs Steffy that he knows Bill is responsible for the fire at Spectra because he admitted it to him. Steffy-crime-BB-CBSThey launch into a hushed, urgent conversation as Steffy points out this is criminal. The other Forrester staff enters, speculating about the fire. Rick thinks it’s either karma or bad luck. Liam and Steffy exchange a look. RJ reports that Coco says Sally may be released today. They talk about sending her a card and talk turns to CJ not having insurance. Brooke arrives as they’re discussing how they could help some of the displaced workers from Spectra. She relays that Bill told her about the fire, and shares the news that Caroline’s in town. RJ recalls that Bill wanted the Spectra building. Later, Liam and Steffy are alone with Brooke and discuss whether Bill will get the building.

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