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At Forrester Creations, Steffy updates Ridge that there was a fire at Spectra. Ridge murmurs about the timing; right before her show. Steffy feels bad for Sally. Ridge remarks that it couldn’t have happened at a better time for Bill Spencer. Steffy invites her father for a drink, but he’s off to see what Sheila’s up to and let Eric know he’s got his back…and Quinn’s.

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At Spencer Publications, Liam asks Bill straight out if he torched Spectra Fashions. Bill warns his son, but Liam can’t ‘move on’ and ruminates about how hard Sally worked to put her line together. Bill-confesses-Liam-fire-BB-CBSWhen he asks again, Bill tells the truth. “I put Sally and that bottom-feeder company of hers out of their misery, and I don’t regret it for a minute.” Liam looks ill. Bill is unrepentant and slightly mocking, as his son insists he crossed a line. An angry Liam wonders if there’s anything he wouldn’t do to get his way. Bill shrugs and says, “Murder, usually.” He made sure no one would get hurt. Liam fears for his father, who did something deeply wrong and doesn’t care because of his ego. “That’s the legacy you want to leave for your kids?” Bill counters if Liam doesn’t want the legacy he can get out. Liam’s just getting started. They debate confrontationally. Bill wants to ‘agree to disagree’, but his son doesn’t think so. “You have your principles, I have mine.” Bill orders him to keep his mouth shut and act like a Spencer. He fondles Liam’s sword necklace and intones that he must be true to his blood – and to his father – or get the hell out and never come back.

In the Forrester mansion living room, Quinn tells Eric she will never trust Sheila – that woman is crazy! Eric insists he’s aware of Sheila’s ‘capabilities’. Ridge-confronts-Eric-BB-CBSQuinn is irked that he was taken in by her lie, but is just glad she’s gone. Eric declines a martini and expresses concern about Quinn falling back into her old ways as she had two physical altercations. Quinn defends herself, and then wants to drop it. Eric is reprimanding his wife when Ridge enters and asks why Eric is attacking Quinn for something Sheila did! Eric tries to get rid of him, but Ridge gets the lowdown on what happened and warns Eric to stay away from Sheila.

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In her hotel room, Sheila looks upon her half-finished portrait while whispering, “I will be back, Eric. Sheila-vows-Quinn-BB-CBSI won’t let that woman destroy you. I will be back.” The hotel manager arrives to throw her out for non-payment, but Sheila threatens to report the gun shots on her floor to head office. The man slinks out, and Sheila goes back to obsessing about rescuing Eric from Quinn. She muses that Quinn will realize she still wants Eric’s son, and she’ll take her place in his heart.

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