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In Bill’s office, he flashes to devising his plan with Justin. Liam enters to discuss a proposal, and talk turns to Spectra’s fashion show. Liam reiterates that Sally’s designs are good and suggests Bill prepare himself to find another location for his skyscraper – it’s always good to have a ‘Plan B’. Once Liam goes, Justin asks if Bill really wants to go through with ‘this’, and shows him a document that reveals there’s no insurance on the Spectra building – CJ must not have renewed it. Bill chuckles about the end of Spectra Fashions. Bill orders Justin to go ahead with their plan. “I want Spectra Fashions to disappear.”

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Steffy discuss the state of his relationship with Eric, and Sheila having parked herself at the mansion. Ridge then asks about Thomas, and whether he will be at the Spectra show. Liam arrives and goes on about Sally’s designs, which he thinks could rival some of the best fashion houses. Ridge muses that it sounds like he’s rooting for her. Steffy notes he always cheers for the underdog, but she still feels Sally’s designs will never be on Forrester’s level. Talk turns to Bill. Ridge reminds them that Bill broke Sally the first time, which resulted in her stealing their designs. He still wants to know what’s going on with Thomas. Liam bites his tongue, but expresses optimism about seeing if Sally has what it takes on her own. After, Steffy and Liam canoodle. He hopes Sally will get her shot without any further manipulation from his father.

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In Sally’s office, she takes a call from Thomas wishing her good luck. She asks if he got the emails with her designs. He did, and pronounces them to be amazing. Sally wonders if there’s any chance he could come to the showing tomorrow. Thomas laments that leaving right now wouldn’t be right. He’ll be there with her in spirit. Sally disconnects.Sally-Coco-pep-talk-BB-HW As Sally works, Coco appears to show moral support and learns of the electrical fire. Sally notes they can’t afford to fix it until after the showing. Shirley announces that this showing is going to set Spectra Fashions ablaze! The handyman (played by Don Most) is summoned again. He suggests they turn off the power and go home, but they can’t. He advises them to fix the electrical system ASAP and walks out. Sally is sure it will be fine for one more day. Coco tells Sally how proud of her she is, and notes there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop her – not even Big Bad Bill Spencer. Sally will take her staff to dinner before their ‘all-nighter’ preparing for the show. As they leave, Sally looks back. “Everything rests on these designs.”

At Spencer, Bill gets a text that says ‘Done’.

Sparks shoot from the electrical outlet in Sally’s office and the place is soon engulfed in flames.

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Bill imagines his skyscraper coming as his plan comes to fruition.

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– Candace Young