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At Forrester Creations, Brooke reveals to Steffy and Ivy that Liam and Jarrett seemed to enjoy Sally’s preview, which irked Bill. Steffy-Ivy-talk-about-Sally-BB-HWSteffy doesn’t care what Sally puts down the runway as long as it’s not their designs. Ivy remarks on Thomas’ ill-timed trip to New York. Brooke wonders if Steffy will go to Sally’s show with Liam. Steffy won’t slam Sally for wanting to make a go of her business; she acknowledges she’s had a lot of obstacles thrown her way and is fighting an uphill battle – Sally Spectra doesn’t give up.

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In Bill’s office, Bill wants to ‘do something’ about Jarrett’s insistence that Sally’s line will be a success. Liam agrees if the preview is anything to go by, Spectra will be in business a long time. Liam-Jarrett-Justin-Bill-post-preview-BB-HWJustin’s skeptical, but Jarrett backs him up, insisting the designs were electrifying…literally. Liam titters, and Bill’s unamused. They explain about the electrical fire. Once Jarrett leaves, Liam presses Bill to print Jarrett’s real review and a debate breaks out about Bill’s lie that Caroline’s dying. When Liam insists Sally’s designs are good, Bill suddenly changes his tune, begrudgingly declaring that he won’t stand in the way if Sally’s a success. After Liam leaves, Justin asks if Bill meant that. Bill replies, “Hell no!” Justin suggests he build his skyscraper somewhere else, but Bill orders Justin to give him an idea…anything to cause a spark. Justin muses that a spark is dangerous. Bill could kiss him for reminding him of Spectra’s electrical issues. He declares that the fashion show will never happen – by this time next week he’ll be standing in the vacant lot with a gold-plated shovel. “You know what has to be done, Justin.” Justin replies, “Oh, I know, Dollar Bill.”

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In Spectra Fashions, Shirley notes that the success of the preview had nothing to do with Thomas. Sally enthuses to her Grams that she’s starting to think they can actually do this. Shirley thinks the show will be gangbusters. Darlita-Don-Most-electrician-BB-HWSally declares they’ll do it with no stunts, and maybe Steffy and her father-in-law will see they’re legit. Darlita leads in an electrician (played by Don Most), who examines the outlet where the fire broke out and announces that the whole building needs to be rewired. As he exits, Shirley hollers, “What about the plug?” The man replies, “Don’t use it.” Sally assures Shirley and Darlita they’ll make a success of the line and then update the building. She makes a heartfelt speech about proving herself as a designer. “Spectra Fashions will rise again.”

Steffy-Liam-discuss-Spectra-BB-HWAt Forrester, Liam reports to his wife that he and Jarrett agreed Sally’s designs were good, and Bill claims he’s not going to interfere. Steffy is skeptical. Liam hopes his father was sincere. Steffy clarifies that she has no issue with competition. They agree Sally stealing designs wasn’t good, but Liam admits he’s rooting for her. Steffy laughingly concedes, “She’s scrappy.”

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