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Bill sits behind his desk at Spencer, wondering where the hell Wyatt is. Justin suggests Wyatt got held up elsewhere. Though Justin wants to talk business, Bill plans to spend some time with his other son – Will.

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Katie and Wyatt lie naked beneath the sheets of her bed, savoring their first time together. Wyatt wonders why she’s so quiet. “I think words are overrated,” Katie responds with a lingering kiss. Wyatt knows how much she deserves to be loved and expresses how much he wants to be with her. As they kiss passionately, Bill’s voice erupts from wyatt-katie-kiss-bedroom-bb-hwdownstairs. Wyatt and Katie panic, as he wraps himself in a sheet and rushes into the bathroom. Bill appears in the bedroom and notices the discarded clothing. “Is there a man in there?” Bill demands, pointing at the bathroom, reminding Katie she gave him a key. Bill suggests that Katie introduce them – now – and reminds her they have a child together… Bill hopes he likes the man. “I can guarantee you’ll like him,” Katie replies and snickers when Bill wonders if his son is there. Bill heads off to pick up Will and gives Katie a thumbs up. She throws a shoe at Bill as he leaves. Wyatt reappears, relieved his father is gone, and the two continue to engage in some love in the afternoon.

Bill returns to Spencer, surprised to see that Wyatt has yet to report to work.

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In Sheila’s room at the Forrester mansion, Brooke questions James’ diagnosis and wonders if Sheila is so impaired that she really needs to stay in Eric’s home. James sticks by his assessment and warns how guilty Eric would feel if something happened to Sheila if she left. As Sheila pretends to be asleep, Brooke warns she’ll be back – then she wants Sheila gone. After Brooke leaves, Sheila gets out of bed and stands before James. Though he didn’t sell her out this time, he better think twice if he plans to later. James hates being blackmailed over his addiction and wonders if Sheila honestly believes Eric will let her back into his life. Sheila vows to be a part of james-warns-sheila-bb-hwEric’s life again and to have her portrait hanging in the mansion. She needs to prove to Eric she’s the wife he always deserved. James brings up Quinn. She won’t allow Sheila to stay there. Sheila deems herself as Quinn’s worst nightmare and vows she’s not leaving. “Quinn’s days as matriarch of this family are numbered.” Brooke joins Eric downstairs and briefly talks about his reunion with Quinn and the distance between him and Ridge. She believes Sheila senses the issues and is looking for an opening into his life. Eric looks at Quinn’s portrait, recalls the deceit between his wife and Ridge and how he forgave Quinn out of love. Brooke can understand Eric wanting to help his ex-wife, but warns, “We can’t forget everything that she’s done. She can’t be trusted. Ever.” When Brooke leaves, Eric thinks back to helping Sheila and how she’s appeared to have changed.

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