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In the Forrester mansion living room, Brooke argues with Eric about his decision to keep Sheila in the house, while upstairs, Sheila assures Beatrice by phone that she wants to finish her portrait and she’ll get paid. Sheila-Eric-Brooke-handle-this-BB-HWJames beeps in on the other line. He informs Sheila he can’t lie to Eric, but Sheila reiterates her threat – if he doesn’t, he’ll be finished. He disconnects. Sheila leaps into bed and feigns sleep just as Eric and Brooke enter the bedroom. In Sheila’s mind she thinks, “Brooke’s here, this isn’t good.” Brooke calls on Sheila to wake up – she won’t leave until she talks to her. Sheila opens her eyes. The blonde says she understands that Sheila bumped her head and needs to rest, but she can’t do that there. Sheila acts confused. Brooke dispatches Eric to take care of Quinn – she’ll handle Sheila. Once alone, Brooke informs Sheila she won’t allow her to put Eric in this position. “You have to leave!” Eric returns and Sheila pretends to faint. He tucks her back into bed. Brooke narrows her eyes, and Eric announces James’ arrival. Alone again, Brooke puts Sheila on notice that she’s not buying her little act and will protect Eric. James enters and Brooke greets him sweetly before expressing her suspicion that Sheila’s faking. James replies that this is a very complicated situation. Brooke insists on staying while he examines her. James reports that she’s improving…but should stay there a few more days. Brooke becomes angry and confronts James about protecting Sheila for some reason. She demands the truth!

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In Bill’s office, Steffy and Liam bicker about Bill’s lie to Thomas. Steffy wants to give Thomas a little more time with Caroline and his son. She loves that Liam wants to do the right thing, but is thinking of her brother. She gushes over the latest photos of Thomas, Caroline, and Douglas at the zoo. Liam sighs…it sounds like something you’d do with a dying person. Steffy reiterates that Bill’s plan is working. Liam counters, “For everyone but Sally.” Steffy gets a text from Quinn and panics to hear Sheila’s at the Forrester mansion. Liam knows she’ll do anything for those she loves…he’s grateful to be on that list.

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At Katie’s place, Wyatt notes she’s made dinner, and it’s just the two of them…all night. They kiss. Katie-Wyatt-lingerie-love-afternoon-BB-HWKatie heads to the kitchen, but returns clad in sexy lingerie and admits she didn’t actually cook dinner. Wyatt barks, “Who needs food?” He tells her how sexy she looks and they make out. Once upstairs in the bedroom, they undress and make love passionately. After, they collapse, satisfied, smiling, and entangled in the sheets. Wyatt assures her they’ve been through the same disappointments in love, and this is their time now.

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