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At Spencer Publications, Steffy questions Bill if it was wise to assign Liam to interview Sally. She worries her husband will tell the redhead that Caroline isn’t dying. Bill intones that he’d better not. Steffy goes on about Liam’s beleaguered conscience. Bill hollers that Liam has to grow a pair – the assignment trashing Sally will teach him to do just that. Bill leaves Steffy to wait for Liam to return; warning her to be careful if she touches Sky.

At Spectra Fashions, Sally wants Liam to tell her the truth about whether Bill is up to something. Liam switches gears to the interview. Sally-Liam-open-up-BB-HWSally admits she needs Thomas there desperately, but it’s more important he be with Caroline. Sally knows what it feels like to fight and struggle. “I’ve had to do a lot of things on my own.” She’s got no problem with that, as long as it’s a level playing field. Liam doesn’t think that’s too much to ask and smiles. Sally talks about how this is all or nothing and becomes emotional talking about how empty she feels without Thomas, and the ugliness of waiting for Caroline to die so he will come back. Liam reiterates that he’ll give her a fair review. Sally vows nothing will destroy her. “Except maybe your father.” Later, Sally looks at a photo of her and Thomas, takes a deep breath, and gets to work.

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In Sheila’s bedroom at the Forrester mansion, Eric is satisfied when James reports he will help with Sheila getting back to her life. Eric heads downstairs, where Brooke arrives and is horrified to hear he’s got Sheila ensconced in the guest room. Eric tries to explain why his conscience wouldn’t let him kick her out. Brooke-Eric-questioning-BB-HWHe reveals he called in James Warwick. Brooke is skeptical as Eric talks about feeling sorry for Sheila, and agrees when he admits he doesn’t entirely trust her. Upstairs, James’ examination reveals Sheila is fine, and ready to be moved from the house. Sheila appeals to her ex-husband for compassion, and reveals she spoke to their daughter Mary when she was ‘inside’. James tells her to gather her things together; he’ll go talk to Eric. Sheila stops him with an icy, “Not so fast, Dr. Warwick.” Sheila reveals she knows he’s addicted to painkillers and could lose his license to practice if exposed. James realizes she’s blackmailing him into telling Eric she’s not well enough to leave the house. Eric returns, and James advises that Sheila needs more time to heal. Eric agrees she can stay there to keep the incident quiet. Once alone, Sheila exhales and smiles.

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Liam returns to Bill’s office and rants to Steffy about how wrong this is; his father will ruin multiple lives. Steffy argues that Thomas may be in love with Caroline as well. She shows a happy photo on her phone of Caroline, Douglas, and Thomas, and thinks Sally is getting what she deserves.

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