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At Spectra Fashions, Saul is thrilled by Sally’s latest designs, and fawns that he believes in her. He feels they can create a new line without Thomas. Shirley disagrees; they need Thomas – especially with Dollar Bill Spencer breathing down their necks. Shirley debates with Sally about holding Thomas accountable. Sally insists his absence is temporary. Saul feels they can do anything with Sally at the helm. Darlita appears with a piece from Spencer Publications announcing Thomas has left. Saul vows they’ll survive.

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At Forrester Creations, Charlie updates Brooke on Sheila having gone to the mansion. Brooke doubts that went well. Charlie mutters he’s heard she’s a scary woman. Brooke thinks she’s still playing the victim and cannot be trusted.

In Bill’s office, Justin gripes about his friend’s unsavory lie geared to landing him the Spectra building. CJ arrives.CJ-Justin-Bills-office-BB-HW Bill informs him it’s time to make a deal. He reads out loud about the grim outlook for Spectra in light of Thomas’ absence. CJ counters that Sally’s been paying the rent. Bill declares he’s going to buy that pile of rubble right now. He goes on about the company having been doomed from the start, and ups his original offer by $5 million. After CJ exits, Justin and Bill speculate on whether he’ll accept the offer. Bill scoffs that he’d be stupid not to, as Brooke enters. Justin leaves them to canoodle. Bill refers to his skyscraper as ‘the other woman in his life’ and Brooke laughs. Bill grins that neither of them came easy to him, and he loves them both.

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In the Forrester living room, Eric shouts at Quinn to call 911 and wonders what the hell happened there. Sheila comes around, and Eric insists she’ll see a doctor there. Quinn recounts how Sheila let herself in, and reminds her husband she’s dangerous. Sheila complains that Quinn called her a bitch so she simply reminded her of her own shortcomings. Sheila-Eric-doctor-BB-HWQuinn spits that she’s missing the part where she attacked her. Sheila moans about being in pain. A doctor arrives and declares that Sheila’s sustained a serious concussion – she cannot be alone. Quinn looks ticked as Eric decides she can stay there. Once the doctor’s gone, Quinn and Eric argue about Sheila staying. Sheila meekly says she doesn’t want to cause more trouble – she’ll return to the hotel. Eric won’t let her go; she’s been treated unfairly. Quinn begs Eric not to let her move in there.

CJ arrives at Spectra and announces he’s decided to sell the building and needs them out as soon as possible. Sally and her team protest, and try to convince CJ to let them have their show; if the line fails, he can kick them out. CJ flashes to Bill saying he’ll never have to work another day in his life, and refuses. Sally guesses Bill’s responsible.

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