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At Forrester Creations, Liam can’t believe Steffy’s even hesitating about telling Thomas the truth about Bill’s lie. Liam-discuss-lie-Steffy-BB-JJSteffy thinks maybe Bill’s extreme measures are for the best. She feels that Thomas is where he needs to be, and suggests to her husband that they not interfere. Liam wonders if Steffy wants to win by making Sally a victim. Steffy has no remorse where she’s concerned and thinks Douglas’ future depends on Bill’s plan working. Liam sighs and agrees to keep quiet if she feels that strongly about it.

At Spencer Publications, Bill reminds Caroline she came to him for help. Caroline doesn’t want to land Thomas due to a lie, and announces this whole charade is going to end – today. Bill warns her not to sabotage something that’s going to pay off soon. Caroline is further upset to learn Liam knows about it, and decides she’ll tell Thomas she got positive news and isn’t dying after all. Bill counters that he’ll be back in L.A. before she can say ‘Sally Spectra’. Caroline spots the skyscraper model – and its address – and seethes about Bill’s ulterior motives. Bill thinks she will be thanking him. He urges her to get back to Thomas and Douglas in New York. She snarks about him building monuments to his empire before exiting.

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Sheila-phone-hotel-room-BB-JJIn Sheila’s hotel room, she takes a call from Eric, who’s in the design office at Forrester. He informs her he’s back with Quinn and she move on…somewhere other than L.A. Sheila relays that she has his gold watch; housekeeping gave it to her, and she’ll drop it off.

At Forrester, Eric disconnects from Sheila and gives Charlie and Pam a heads-up that Sheila will be coming by with his watch. Charlie is agitated. Eric soothes that it can’t do any harm to have her drop off a watch.

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Sheila arrives at the Forrester mansion and lets herself in, calling, “Eric? I’ve got your watch.” She imagines her portrait over the mantle and smiles. Quinn appears.

At Forrester, Eric gets a text from Quinn. He tells Charlie that Sheila’s at the house.

Back at the mansion, Quinn informs Sheila that she’s texted Eric, and invites her to leave his watch and get out. They trade barbs. Sheila feels that Quinn isn’t good enough for Eric and her portrait doesn’t deserve to hang there. Quinn-choked-Sheila-BB-JJQuinn sneers, “Whose does, Sheila? Yours?” She orders Sheila out of her house and calls her a bitch. Sheila snaps, leaps on Quinn and slaps her. A catfight ensues with flying lamps and vases. Sheila holds a fireplace poker to Quinn’s throat until she loses consciousness. Quinn awakens as Sheila’s walking out and throws an object at her back. Sheila goes down, hitting her head, and Eric arrives to find his ex-wife unconscious with blood pooling around her.

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