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At Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy are kissing when Brooke, Ridge, Katie, Pam, Ivy, Charlie, RJ, and Coco bust in for a meeting. Steffy-questioning-office-BB-HWRidge announces that Eric and Quinn have reunited. RJ questions why they split in the first place. Ridge grunts, “That’s none of our business. I’m just glad it worked out.” Steffy reveals that Liam left to interview Sally. Talk turns back to Eric. RJ hopes whatever happened, won’t occur again. Ridge pipes up, “Trust me, it won’t.” Later, Carter fills the group in on how Eric ‘tested’ Quinn, describing the scenario that ended with Eric tearing up the divorce papers. Brooke muses about Eric’s amazing capacity to forgive, and she and Steffy glance sidelong at Ridge.Thomas-Douglas-NY-BB-HW

In New York, Thomas hangs out with Douglas and talks about being strong for Caroline.

At Spectra Fashions, Sally informs Shirley, Darlita and Saul that Thomas is in New York visiting his son. Shirley’s concerned about Caroline, and Saul wants to know when he’ll be back – they need him there. Sally assures them he’ll return eventually and focuses on the success of the show. She flashes to her farewell with Thomas on the beach as her staff continues to question the timing of Thomas’ departure. Shirley warns they could still go under, and Darlita worries about Bill gobbling them up as Liam arrives. Liam-Sally-dying-BB-CBSSally dismisses the others and discusses the show with Liam until Thomas calls. He reports that it’s ‘rough’ there and he isn’t sure when he’ll be back; Sally will have to take the lead at Spectra. Sally says she’ll be thinking about him and disconnects. Liam’s taken aback to hear Thomas is taking a break from the business and isn’t designing while away. When Liam questions him needing to bond with his son 24/7, Sally blurts that they both know there’s more to it than that. When she refers to Caroline dying of an autoimmune disease, Liam is shocked and tears up. “Oh my God. My cousin is dying.”

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In Bill’s office, he intones theatrically that Spectra will fall and his beautiful skyscraper will rise. Justin circles ‘Sky’, the replica skyscraper, and muses about Bill still planning to build it. Bill reveals Thomas is in New York, and Justin guesses that didn’t happen on its own. “How did you manage it?” Bill swears his friend to secrecy and gravely confides that Thomas is in New York because Caroline’s dying. Justin reacts with sadness, then quickly learns the real story. “Man, you’re something else, telling Thomas your niece is dying.” Bill chortles that we’re all dying and congratulates himself on a great plan.

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At Forrester, Steffy phones Thomas to check in. He reports he’s where he should be and could be staying a while because Caroline needs him.

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