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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn is thrilled that Eric is giving her another chance. Eric pulls her into an embrace and kisses her cheek – they’re right where they belong, and so is Quinn’s portrait. Eric takes a call from Pam, who learns he is back home with Quinn. Pam would rather have him there than with that whackjob, Sheila!

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In the design office at Forrester, Wyatt dismisses Katie’s chatter about Charlotte. She tells him them being together is wrong on so many levels and suggests he should go. Wyatt refuses, which makes Katie smile. Katie-Wyatt-suggestion-BB-CBSThey debate until Wyatt moves in close and wonders if she’s still thinking about why they’re wrong for each other. She’s not. They make out, but Katie puts the brakes on again. She reflects that they’re friends…friends with benefits? Wyatt cackles as she rambles about needing to label things. “How do you get that thing to shut off?” he teases about her mind. Katie decides it’s about time they had some fun. Wyatt, giddy, agrees. He runs down how smart and sexy she is, and how well they balance one another; they make a great team. More kissing and eye sex ensues.

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In Sheila’s hotel room, she dismisses Beatrice, who will return to work on her portrait tomorrow. When Charlie questions her, Sheila hollers at him that she wants a portrait of herself even if it never hangs in the Forrester mansion – it’s the principle of the thing. Charlie-warns-Sheila-BB-CBSCharlie holds up his hands in surrender, as Sheila explains she’s confident, however, that her portrait will hang there – she’s learned what is yours, comes to you. Charlie warns that Sheila is underestimating Quinn, and they argue over whether she and Eric are reconciling. Sheila is sure he’s kicking her out of his life. Charlie takes a call from Pam, who reports that Eric and Quinn have reconciled. Sheila overhears, and tears up. “Eric forgave her? How could he do that?” Charlie hints that she should back off, but Sheila vows to take Quinn down. She intones that her portrait will hang on his wall, and if Charlie breathes a word of her plan, he’ll hang too.

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Still in their living room, Eric and Quinn canoodle. He was empty without her, and notes she touched something in him he didn’t even know was there. Quinn enthuses, “My husband is back again. I can breathe!” Eric-Quinn-reconcile-BB-CBSEric jumps behind the piano to tickle the ivories while Quinn moves to the music. He joins her and they sway together in a loving embrace. Eric recalls how she was almost shot, and reveals it was the thought of her not being there that made him come home. Quinn vows she’ll never give him reason to leave again. Eric just wants commitment. Quinn is 100% committed to him, and soothes, “Never doubt that.” As they kiss, Quinn’s portrait flashes to an evil-looking Sheila accompanied by thunderstorm sounds.

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