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Ridge drops into the Forrester mansion where Quinn still hasn’t heard from Eric. Ridge suggests she go into work, but Quinn rants about the divide growing between her and her husband.

At the hotel, Sheila is dismayed when Eric declares he’s going home. He phones Quinn and lets her know he’s coming to see her. Sheila launches into a speech about how he needs to divorce Quinn, who did something unforgiveable. Once Eric’s gone, Charlie arrives, ranting about Sheila putting things on spin cycle and worried things will come back on him. Sheila soothes that no one knows he told her anything, and that Eric may be asking Quinn for a divorce as they speak.

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Quinn-Ridge-pep-talk-BB-HWIn the Forrester house, Quinn disconnects and advises Ridge that his father is coming, so Ridge takes off. Quinn is reliving memories of her marriage when Eric arrives. Quinn reveals that she spoke to Ridge and knows he’s been with Sheila. They agree they don’t want to talk about her. Quinn rehashes what she did and wishes she could take it back – she wants to be the wife he deserves from this moment forward. She presumes he came back to fight for their marriage. Eric questions how he could trust her again. He wants her off the property and has started divorce proceedings. Quinn protests, and begs him to give her another chance.

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Katie-giggle-Wyatt-plane-BB-CBSOn the jet back to Los Angeles, Maya and Zende are quiet. Teasing ensues about how they must have had quite a night. Katie looks concerned. Wyatt interjects that he and Katie had quite a time themselves, and Nicole lets Zende know she’s sorry she didn’t come to the party. At the drinks cart, Maya and Zende whisper about the events of the night before. Maya isn’t used to encountering hostile people like that anymore. They laugh over the amount of alcohol they consumed. In a curtained area, Wyatt kisses Katie, assuming that’s why she brought him back there, but instead she says she saw Maya and Zende kiss last night. Wyatt learns it was more of a peck on the cheek and mocks her. Katie concedes she might be over-reacting. Wyatt gets her giggling by mentioning the Mile High Club.Maya-Zende-secret-talk-BB-CBS Meanwhile, Maya heads into the bedroom to nap. Zende follows her to get a pillow, and they debate about whether or not to tell Rick and Nicole about the incident. Maya just wants to forget it. Zende compliments her strength, and she admires the way he stood up for her. Talk turns to how strong Lizzie will be, and Maya reiterates she doesn’t want Nicole and Rick to know what happened so they won’t worry. Zende exits. Katie watches him and asks if Maya’s okay. Zende says she’ll be fine – she’s a tough girl.

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