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In Monte Carlo, Brooke and Bill stroll and she asks who really won, Spectra or Forrester? Bill avoids answering. Brooke presses him to say if the votes were tabulated but he distracts her by neighing – she needs time with her stallion. Brooke giggles and goes to get ready. Elsewhere, Wyatt and Katie wonder if Spectra actually won. He congratulates Katie on the success and notes now they can relax.Zende-Nicole-praise-BB-Visual Katie behaves in a businesslike manner and figures the excitement and jet-lag explains why they kissed. They laugh awkwardly and jabber on about the kiss. Katie observes there are a million reasons they should never do it again. Wyatt plants one on her. Meanwhile, Nicole praises Zende on his hard work – she is so proud of him. Her husband is ready for champagne and plans to ‘go all night’. Nicole wants to check on Lizzie first.

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In their hotel suite, the local doctor confirms to Rick and Maya that Lizzie will be fine and takes his leave. Maya-Rick-doctor-BB-VisionMaya is relieved. Rick teases if Spectra won the showdown they’ll have to blame her. Nicole and Zende check in and Lizzie is asleep. They talk about the show. Zende wants Maya and Rick to ‘turn up’ with them. Nicole offers to stay with Lizzie and begs off partying due to fatigue. Zende’s disappointed, so Nic tells him she’ll take a bath and then come out.

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Outside the hotel, Sally leaves Thomas to go speak to Eva. He sits thinking about Bill’s insistence that his niece needs him in New York.Thomas-thinking-Bills-words-BB-Vision Elsewhere, Bill takes a call from Caroline who rants that she’s not going along with his lie any more. Bill cajoles her to stick with the plan for the time being – the sooner Thomas dumps Sally the better for everyone. They debate tensely. In the background, Douglas asks for Daddy. Bill implores Caroline to call Thomas and disconnects. On a patio, Thomas takes Caroline’s call and Douglas says he misses him. Caroline assures him she’s fine and lets him go. Sally reappears, and Thomas tells her this is her chance to make her dreams come true. He reveals he’s going to see Douglas and informs her Caroline is dying. Sally’s stunned. “But she’s so young,” she stammers. Thomas just knows he has to go to Douglas, and hopes to give his son both his parents for a few more months. Sally loves him even more for his decision, and will wait, because he’s worth it. “I love you, Bucko.” They cry and kiss. Thomas walks away down the beach as Bill watches and smirks.

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