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In Bill’s office, he explains Caroline is upset that he told Thomas the truth. Thomas worries about what will happen to Douglas when she is gone. Caroline notes they’ve led separate lives and says they both know the boy wasn’t made out of love. Caroline-fumes-Bill-BB-HWThomas feels this is different and wants details about her auto-immune disease. Bill interjects that it’s so rare it doesn’t even have a name. Caroline snaps. She hollers at Thomas about how offensive it is he only wants to be with her because he thinks she’s dying. Thomas insists he was heartbroken when she rejected him and wants to spend her remaining days together. He announces he’s not going to the Spencer Summit. Caroline insists he keep his commitment. Once alone, Bill justifies ‘breaking’ the juvenile Thomas to his fuming niece.

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Coco-RJ-lecture-Brooke-BB-HWAt Forrester Creations, Brooke confronts Coco and RJ about the seriousness of texting and driving. She hopes they both realize how lucky they are, and Coco chirps that she knows it could have been much worse than paying a fine. Brooke lectures that they’re lucky to be alive! She shares a story of a former boyfriend who perished in a car while fiddling with the radio knob, noting it takes 3 seconds of distraction to lose control. RJ insists some calls are important, but Brooke reiterates they could be dead. The kids vow to be careful while she’s away. In the design office, Katie and Wyatt discuss the swimsuit line. She hints Wyatt should model, but he pooh-poohs the idea.

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In the doorway of Eric’s hotel room, Sheila looks on as the elder Forrester confronts Ridge about his tiresome pattern of messing him over and then worrying about him. When his son reports he’s moved off the property, Eric wonders if he also took possession of Quinn. Once inside, Ridge can’t understand why Eric’s there when he still loves Quinn. Ridge paints a picture of him wooing Quinn, who resisted and was an innocent pawn in his payback for Eric demoting him. “Go home to your wife,” he urges. Sheila snarks, “Are you done?” Eric apologizes for calling Ridge a Marone – he has always been his son. Eric goes over their history and how Ridge began to compete with him; taking things from him until he finally took Quinn…because he could. “I loved being your father. You’ll never be my son again.” Tears roll down Ridge’s cheek. He exits. Sheila stifles her emotion as Eric gazes out the window.

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At Spectra, Shirley tells Sally she’s big enough to admit she was wrong about Thomas – especially when being right would bankrupt them! Sally heads out to meet Thomas at the airport with Grams cheering her on.

Wyatt, Steffy, Katie, Brooke, Bill, and Sally are joined by Thomas on the jet for Monte Carlo. Brooke and Bill briefly discuss RJ’s car accident, and Steffy announces her father and grandfather aren’t coming.

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