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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge demands that Steffy tell him where Eric is holed up with Sheila. Ridge-steffy-danger-BB-CBSSteffy protests that he and Quinn brought this on, and then confesses she shot Sheila with Grandma’s gun. Ridge gets the details, and Steffy inadvertently reveals they’re at a hotel. They debate about Sheila’s reasons for protecting Steffy, and Ridge becomes even more intent on getting to Eric. Steffy agrees to give up his location. Ridge dispatches Steffy to explain his absence at Forrester.

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In the hotel, Sheila and Eric discuss his family’s concern. She hopes Ridge doesn’t find out where he is, and Eric confirms he doesn’t want to see any of them yet. Sheila-Eric-gripe-BB-CBSThey rehash Ridge and Quinn coming clean because their secret was about to come out. Eric no longer trusts either of them. Sheila works to convince Eric she was in the same hotel by coincidence and that she is genuinely concerned about his situation. She vows to keep his family away if that’s what he needs. As Eric continues to gripe about being duped by his wife and son, Ridge knocks on the door. Soon, they’re face-to-face.

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At Spencer Publications, Caroline is appalled that Bill told Thomas she was dying. She hollers, “Why would you do that?” Bill calmly replies, “You asked for my help.” Caroline screams through gritted teeth that telling him she’s dying wasn’t helping. She announces she will not go along with this! Bill chuckles over how convincing he was, which sets his niece off again. Caroline stares in disbelief as Bill tries to justify his actions. She reiterates she won’t win Thomas back this way, and further argument doesn’t sway her.

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At Spectra, Thomas is distracted, thinking about Caroline’s fatal disease, as Sally enthuses about how great everything is going. Thomas-distracted-BB-CBSShe quizzes him about his meeting with Bill, and Thomas looks uneasy. He assures Sally that Spencer’s not out to get them – he thought that, but was wrong. Sally moves on to telling Thomas that thanks to him, she’s never felt more alive. They embrace and his expression is dire. Later, Sally tells Shirley that Bill gave up on his attempt to reunite Thomas and Caroline. She assures her Grams she’s not worried about Caroline anymore.

Thomas arrives in Bill’s office, where Caroline blurts that her uncle did something and she didn’t know he was going to do it. Thomas looks at her intently and says, “I am so, so sorry.” Behind him, Bill nods smugly. Thomas insists he will be there for her and Douglas as long as she’s still here. Caroline tears up. Thomas goes on about how it shouldn’t have taken a tragedy to bring them together; family comes first. They embrace.

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