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In Bill’s office, Thomas reacts with shock to the news that Caroline is dying. Bill grimly muses that he reacted the same way. Thomas-Bill-move-to-NY-BB-CBHe lies that she has a rare autoimmune disease and has seen every specialist possible. Bill repeats that she didn’t want it to get out, but he felt Thomas had a right to know. Thomas turns angry, wondering why Bill didn’t tell him in the first place. Bill states that Thomas’ only obligation is to his son and Caroline, who is living on borrowed time, adding that only he can make memories with them that will last Douglas a lifetime. Thomas admits he still loves her, and decides he has to be there for them. Bill rants that Sally played him like a violin, and informs Thomas he’ll have to go to New York where Caroline’s doctors are located.

In the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Ridge she wants to be there if Eric comes home. She worries about her husband’s vulnerability and what Sheila might be filling his head with right now.

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At the hotel, Eric agrees to let Sheila take his clothes to be dry-cleaned. She smiles as she recalls the kiss they shared.Eric-Sheila-cant-go-back-BB-CBS Eric sighs, wishing he could turn back the clock to before he knew about Quinn and Ridge’s deception. Sheila regrets having to tell him, but Eric is skeptical. Eric debates with her about how much of an affair his wife and son actually had. Sheila insists he should see them for who they really are. Eric wonders who Sheila really is, but she thinks he knows. Eric applauds her turning her life around and coming to him with the truth, but too much has happened in the past for them to have anything like they had before. Sheila’s happy to be a friend, and offers to stay or leave. Eric doesn’t know what he wants, but accepts an embrace.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Caroline go over the situation with Thomas.Caroline-steffy-rehash-Thomas-BB-CBS Caroline shrugs that she has a lot to be thankful for, but Steffy notes she’s still in love with her brother. They rehash that Thomas is with Sally, but needs to realize he’s better off with Caroline. Douglas’ mom hopes they can get their family back together. Steffy worries about Bill being involved – she doesn’t want him bullying her brother. Caroline thinks Bill knows it will only work if Thomas wants to come back. Later, Ridge joins Steffy, who caves and admits she saw Eric and he’s with Sheila.

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Caroline joins Bill at Spencer and learns Thomas will be going back to New York with her and Douglas. Thrilled, Caroline asks how he did it. Bill replies, “Simple. I told him you were dying.” Caroline gawps.

At Spectra, Thomas stares at a photo of him, Caroline and Douglas in shock.

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