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In Bill’s office, he, Steffy, and Caroline fawn over Douglas. Talk turns to Thomas going to Spectra. Caroline feels responsible since she didn’t make an effort to reunite her family sooner. Steffy-Bills-office-BB-CBSOnce she and Douglas exit, Bill vows to Steffy that he will put Sally Spectra out of business and out of her brother’s life. Steffy worries that Sally is there to stay, but Bill goes on crabbing about his skyscraper and his niece and calls Spectra a traveling circus. He announces they need a plan to drive Sally and Thomas apart. Steffy feels Thomas likes being her knight-in-shining-armor, and Bill mutters there’s only one stallion.

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At Spectra Fashions, Sally and Thomas canoodle until the redhead puts on the brakes to focus on work. Thomas enthuses about Monaco and the Spectra Summit, which is just around the corner. Sally runs down the items in their line. Thomas is confident they’ll kill it. Shirley enters and suggests rhinestones on the swimwear to spice it up as Saul grumps about how boring Forrester designs are. Thomas-Saul-Sally-mediocre-BB-CBSThomas can’t wait to compete. Saul pipes up that she booked rooms for them in Monaco, but Darlita titters that they’ll want to stay together. Thomas confirms that he booked them a suite. Just then he finds a flaw in one of the designs and lectures the staff about mediocre quality not being sufficient. Saul is put out as the women clap for Thomas’ speech about Spectra proving it’s here to stay. After, Thomas takes a call from Bill, who pleads with him to come to Spencer Publications. He reassures Sally that Bill can’t come between them.

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Wyatt is in Forrester Creations’ studio where he tells Ivy, Zende, RJ, Coco, Brooke, and Katie that his father will love what they have in store for the Spencer Summit. He goes out of his way to compliment Katie, who beams and thanks him. Brooke admires Zende’s design contributions, and Nicole notes she can’t wait to model them. Brooke-Katie-questions-BB-CBSBrooke confirms she will be modeling too. Wyatt predicts that Forrester will beat Spectra and everyone cheers. As the chatter and work continues, Brooke takes Katie aside. She’s proud of her sister’s work, but is concerned she needs a love life – is she interested in anyone? Katie smiles coyly before Wyatt interrupts. Brooke walks off and Katie and Wyatt go over how much they’ve enjoyed working together. Wyatt asks her to get coffee and awkward grinning ensues. Elsewhere, Steffy reconvenes in the office with Caroline and apologizes for not getting through to Thomas.

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At Spencer, Bill gazes at his skyscraper model. Thomas arrives and isn’t interested in hearing insults about Sally. Bill insists he hear him out and announces he discovered something that Caroline doesn’t want anyone to know – she’s dying.

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