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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn asks Steffy to rise above her affair with Ridge. They’ve made a terrible mistake and have already put it behind them. She wrings her hands while she asks for a chance to make things up to Eric. Steffy shakes her head. Wyatt interrupts looking for Eric. Steffy snaps that he doesn’t live there anymore. Wyatt’s confused so Steffy tells him to ask his mother. She goes and Wyatt questions his mother. Quinn takes her time to spill it all and finally admits she ruined everything the way she always does. She won’t give up her husband. Wyatt’s still in the dark as Quinn calls herself a monster. Wyatt encourages her to go to Eric and open up to him. Quinn wants to but doesn’t know where he is. Wyatt tries to figure out where he could be and what could have driven him from his own home.

At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke that he can’t lose his daughter. He needs to get ‘this psycho’ out of their lives. “You mean Sheila,” Brooke confirms. Ridge calls Sheila a danger to them all. Brooke still can’t wrap her head around Sheila’s return. Ridge calls his father vulnerable right now. Brooke hopes he’s not with her. Ridge texts to find out but doesn’t get a reply.

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In his hotel room, Eric takes the medication that Sheila gives him. He insists he’s alright but Sheila knows better. She holds his hand as she tells him how much she hates to see him betrayed. Though he appreciates her concern, he really just wants to be alone. Sheila heads back to her room as Steffy arrives. She apologizes for showing up unannounced but she’s worried about her grandfather. They embrace. Meanwhile, Sheila pokes her head out of her room, having heard the elevator stop on her floor. She goes back inside and flashes to marrying Eric. She grins, filled with nostalgia. Back in Eric’s room, Steffy says she doesn’t like her grandfather staying there alone. Eric can’t believe he encouraged Quinn and Ridge to be closer. They were probably laughing behind his back. Steffy doubts that. Quinn’s a wreck. “She loves you, Granddad. She never stopped.” Ridge is filled with remorse. Eric says he needs time. He’s surprised Steffy’s not advocating for divorce. Steffy doesn’t know what to think but she knows Eric still loves Quinn. Steffy asks her grandfather keep Sheila away. When she leaves, Sheila watches and runs back to Eric’s room. He lets her in and she asks if that was Steffy’s voice she heard. Eric says yes, and it was good to see family, but Steffy doesn’t want Shelia around him. Sheila understands but knows he can use a loyal friend. Eric thanks her for telling him the truth. She asks for one thing in return and leans in, giving him a lingering kiss.

Ridge arrives at the Forrester mansion. Wyatt rants about Eric being missing and asks if Ridge knows what happened. Ridge talks in circles about married couples fighting. Quinn says she’s exhausted so Wyatt goes. Quinn voices her frustrations about losing Eric.

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