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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn wonders if Sheila is threatening her. Sheila venomously points out how Quinn grabbed her arm and admits she came to get Eric’s medication. Quinn snatches away Sheila’s purse, but Sheila pulls it back and warns that Eric’s washing his hands of her. Quinn rebuffs Sheila’s claims to care for Eric. Sheila snaps that Eric will sheila-quinn-struggle-mansion-bb-hwnever forgive her or Ridge and reminds Quinn what a fool she made of Eric. “It was a couple of kisses,” Quinn sighs and brings up the damage Sheila caused Eric. Sheila makes it clear how important Eric is to her – important enough that she will never allow anyone to hurt him again. Quinn doesn’t appreciate Sheila’s threats. Sheila knew Eric was happy with Quinn, and even defended Quinn to Brooke, but again refuses to tell Quinn where Eric is. “Don’t you try following me.” Sheila stops at the door. “I’ll know and you’ll be sorry.” Sheila leaves.

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In the design office at Forrester, Ridge and Brooke continue to discuss Sheila and Eric’s unknown whereabouts. Even though Sheila was to one to reveal the truth, he feels relieved it’s out in the open. Ridge just hopes Sheila stays away from them. He gets a text from Quinn and leaves. In her office, Steffy and her co-worker Patrice discuss Spencer, Thomas and Spectra. When Caroline appears with Douglas, she and Patrice get reacquainted as Steffy says they were discussing her brother. Patrice leaves them to it. Steffy hopes the fashion show will be the end of him and Sally, as well as Spectra, and urges Caroline to tell Thomas how she feels.

Sally and Thomas make out at his place. Later, Thomas looks at his device, leaving Sally to ask, “Is that your baby mama checking in?” Thomas caroline-thomas-douglas-sally-bb-hwis simply checking out his business dealings and reassures Sally that she’s the one he wants to be with. Caroline and Douglas arrive. Sally and Caroline trade forced pleasantries, as Thomas plays with his son. Caroline mentions having been at Forrester, which leads Sally to get a bit defensive. Sally gives them some time alone and glances back at Thomas and Caroline with their son on her way out. Caroline tells Thomas Douglas missed him – and so did she.

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Sally barges into Steffy’s office and accuses her of bringing Caroline back to Los Angeles and trying to reunite her with Thomas. Steffy calls Sally jealous, as well as a gold digger, and vows to rid her from Thomas’ life – once and for all.

Sheila returns eric-passes-out-sheila-bb-hwto Eric’s motel room and finds him asleep. She lightly kisses his head and smiles at her ex-husband.

Ridge arrives at the Forrester mansion to hear Quinn’s recount of the confrontation with Sheila. She worries Sheila may have a gun. They have to find him! “Eric is at her mercy,” Quinn cries.

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