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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Ridge, Ivy, Katie and quinn-ridge-ivy-brooke-katie-forrester-mansion-bb-jjBrooke that Eric never came home last night. He’s nowhere to be found. “Maybe that’s the idea,” Ridge suggests. Quinn brings up the meaningless kisses… This is exactly why she didn’t want to tell Eric. When they wonder how Sheila found out, Katie denies any part in it and says it doesn’t matter, the damage is done. Quinn just wants Eric to let her know he’s okay.

Steffy and Liam meet with Bill and Wyatt at Spencer Publications. Over talk of Caroline’s return, Steffy voices why it’s good for Thomas to be with his son. It’ll remind him of his obligations and keep him away from Sally Spectra. Bill doesn’t think Caroline belongs with Thomas but rants about the clown show going on over at Spectra. He’s furious that Thomas and Spectra are riding their coattails and doesn’t want them anywhere near his event. Steffy believes the Spencer Summit is the perfect place to put Spectra out of their misery. Bill strokes his model skyscraper and states, “I don’t like Sally Spectra.” Steffy urges Bill to allow Forrester to take care of Thomas and Spectra. Bill refuses to let the dressmaker and Forrester handle this. He has a plan and beams with anticipation. “Finally I can level that dump of a building. And build my beautiful baby.”

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Outside Eric’s motel room, he wonders what Sheila’s up to, considering they both ended up at the same motel. Sheila calls it fate, Eric thinks it’s stalking. Eric allows Sheila to join him inside, where he expresses his need not to be found. Sheila brings up the devastation caused by Ridge and Quinn. She hated hurting Eric by revealing the information sheila-comforts-eric-bb-jjbut he deserved to know the truth. Sheila learns Eric left the mansion without his medications. Eric refuses to go back for them. When he sees Quinn is calling, he seethes with closed fists, “I don’t want to see her!” Ridge deceived him too, Brooke did as well by not telling him. Who can he trust? “You can trust me,” Sheila vows. He agrees to allow Sheila to discreetly retrieve his meds then hands over his keys. Looking deeply into his eyes, Shelia promises, “You’re not alone. I will be there for you.” After Shelia leaves, Eric thinks back on Quinn’s wedding vows and takes a long pull from his beer.

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At Forrester, Ridge expresses to Brooke how he lost her and now may lose his dad too.

Sheila lets herself into the Forrester mansion, glares at Quinn’s portrait then makes her way upstairs. Quinn emerges downstairs, thinks about Eric then catches Sheila on her way out. Shelia refuses to tell her where Eric is and turns to leave. Quinn grabs her arm and Sheila snaps, “Don’t you ever touch me like that!”

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