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Caroline and Douglas spend time with Thomas and Steffy at Thomas’. Talk turns to Thomas working at Spectra and his relationship with Sally. Thomas briefly acknowledges all that’s keeping him busy these days, hugs Douglas, thanks Caroline for bringing him by caroline-steffy-reconnect-bb-jjthen leaves for work. “Do you see why I called?” Steffy asks. Caroline admits Thomas and Sally’s relationship bothers her. Steffy doesn’t deny that Thomas really cares for Sally but rants about how she’s taken him from their family. The awful decisions Thomas has made is due to Sally. Thomas may not realize it now, but Steffy claims he needs Caroline. She wants Thomas back and can feel their connection every time they’re together. Caroline worries about his commitment to Sally but Steffy promises they’re going to fix this. “His relationship with Sally Spectra is going to end.”

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Over at Spectra, Darlita and Saul argue about the new Spectra logo Thomas created. Darlita loves it, Saul not so much. Shirley notices Sally’s distraction. Once Saul and Darlita leave the office, Sally admits she received a call from Caroline. “Thomas’ baby mama?” Shirley blurts. Sally relays their conversation and admits she’s not happy shirley-darlita-sally-spectra-bb-jjCaroline’s back in Thomas’ life. Shirley reminds Sally that she’s here and Caroline’s in New York. Thomas arrives, and once alone, reveals to Sally, “Caroline’s in town.” He can’t wait for Sally to meet his son and Caroline. Sally wants to meet Douglas but isn’t sure about Caroline. Thomas learns about their conversation and tries to reassure Sally about his feeling for her verses his for the mother of his child. “Whether anyone approves,” Thomas says. “I’m with you.” He kisses her passionately.

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Charlie arrives at Sheila’s motel room at her insistence and hears Quinn is out of Eric’s life. He’s stunned but doesn’t feel sorry for Quinn. Sheila’s happy that Eric is no longer in the dark about Quinn and Ridge and thanks Charlie for telling her the truth… “And for helping me save Eric from a faithless woman.” Charlie doesn’t want anyone to know how Sheila found out about Ridge and Quinn. If Pam learns of his involvement… or if Quinn does, Charlie’s head will be on the chopping block. He doesn’t want to see Sheila anymore and calls her trouble. Sheila giggles then stops Charlie from leaving – with blackmail. She wants a thousand dollars, to pay her room, in exchange for her silence. She sugarcoats things by claiming they would have a partnership and preys on Charlie’s loyalty to Eric and hostility toward Quinn. Sheila thinks Eric can forgive her and asks where he is. Charlie denies knowing Eric’s whereabouts and listens as Sheila reminds him of their partnership. Later, Sheila leaves her room and runs into Eric, in the hallway, as he’s checking into a room. “What a coincidence.” Sheila smiles. “Or is it?”

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