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A doctor examines RJ in his hospital room and reports he only had a mild concussion – he’ll be fine. Brooke’s relieved. After the doctor leaves, Brooke asks Coco to give her and RJ a minute. Coco watches through the window as Brooke asks RJ, “How did Coco crash your father’s car?” RJ wanted to impress Coco and knew she’d never driven a car like that. Outside RJ’s room, Coco flashes back to the accident and takes a call from Sally. When Sally hears what happened, Thomas gets on the phone and puts it on speaker. Coco admits she was driving but says, “It never should’ve happened.” Lt. Baker joins Brooke and RJ inside the room. Just as he questions if RJ was driving, Coco appears and confesses, “I was driving. It was my fault.” At Baker’s urging for further information, Coco explains she lost control but hadn’t been drinking. Baker knows they are keeping lt-baker-questions-rj-hospital-bb-hwsomething from him. Brooke agrees and says, “You just don’t drive down the street and hit a tree.” Coco looks nervous, which leads Brooke to ask if she’d been texting. “Yes,” Coco sobs. “I was texting.” Baker stresses how serious, not to mention illegal, texting and driving is. “You could’ve killed my son,” Brooke snaps. There will be consequences for her actions, Baker warns, and leaves. “Next time you’re driving, which isn’t going to be for a very long time, you’re not going to be on your phone,” Brooke seethes. “Either one of you.” Coco apologizes to RJ, who vows to be there for her – no matter what Baker throws her way.

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Over at Spectra, Thomas finishes a call with RJ’s doctor, confirming he’s okay, then relays to Sally that he’ll be released later today. Sally plans to give Coco a scolding. All her life, Sally’s been like Coco’s mother and sister rolled into one. Thomas is touched and knows Sally will be an amazing mother one day. Sally doesn’t know what she’d do if anything ever happened to Coco – or Thomas. Later, Sally crumbles up a design, unable to stop thinking about what could’ve happened to Coco. Their lives could’ve changed in an instant. Thomas reminds her how caroline-makes-a-call-bb-hwshe’s changed his life. He never wants it to end. Sally worries their happiness won’t last. That’s how things always turn out for her. She leans into Thomas’ arms, as he holds her close. Thomas promises it won’t happen to them. He kisses Sally until a call from Saul interrupts. After he leaves to deal with an issue in the cutting room, another call comes in. It’s Caroline, looking for Thomas. She knows they’re in a relationship but needs to speak with him. They have a son to think about. Sally looks like her fears are about to come true.

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