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At the hospital, RJ is examined and insists he’s fine; only Bill believed him. Brooke clucks that Bill only left to give him time with his family. Coco feels she should leave too, but RJ protests. The doc goes and RJ apologizes to Ridge for damaging the car. Ridge says it’s not important.Ridge-Brooke-affair-update-BB-CBS Brooke wants to know exactly what happened since no other car was involved. RJ claims responsibility, though Coco pipes up that she was driving. Brooke notes they still haven’t said what happened. RJ doesn’t want Coco blaming herself. Brooke steps out with Ridge, who reveals that Eric knows about him and Quinn, and it was Sheila who told him. Ridge doesn’t know if he can fix it, but he has to try. He confirms Sheila didn’t see anything, but gripes that she came in and burned everything to the ground. Brooke wonders if Eric kicked Quinn out. After, Ridge says goodbye to RJ, and leaves after explaining he gave him a scare. In a moment alone, Coco lets RJ know she feels incredibly guilty – she did this to him because she was texting. She worries she’s bad luck. RJ disagrees – she’s exactly the opposite. He then yelps because she’s on his IV. They laugh and kiss.

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Quinn bursts into Katie’s house raving that Eric knows about her and Ridge. “He knows I betrayed him and now everything’s ruined!” she cries. Quinn-crying-to-Katie-BB-CBSKatie worries she should check on Eric, but Quinn reveals that damn Sheila is over there – that’s how he found out about them! Katie realizes that Quinn thinks she tipped Sheila off, and denies it. She adds that Brooke wouldn’t have talked to her either, and Ivy doesn’t know her. Katie feels that the only way Quinn can fix this is to take responsibility – she and Ridge hurt Eric badly, and Quinn can’t blame Sheila for what she did. Quinn protests that she got caught up, but Katie interrupts that this is what happens when you break your vows. Quinn sniffles and carries on about Sheila. Katie reiterates this isn’t about Sheila. Quinn can’t lose her husband – she’s not going to let that happen.

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Quinn-portrait-not-gone-BB-CBSQuinn enters the Forrester mansion and calls, “Eric? I had to come back.” She notices her portrait is still hanging above the mantle. Ridge soon arrives and updates Quinn about RJ. She says Eric isn’t there, and recounts how he threw her out. Ridge stammers, “You don’t think he…Sheila?” He mutters that he was upset but hasn’t lost his mind. Quinn paces and agonizes that she destroyed her marriage to the only man who ever believed in her. “He’s gone.” She sits and sobs. Ridge crouches beside her and places his hand on her shoulder.

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