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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn inadvertently reveals she and Ridge spent time privately together. Sheila and Eric jump on that tidbit. Quinn argues that every time, they thought it was the last time. Eric rages that it’s never over with Ridge Marone. He wants to know if they had sex in his bed. Both protest. Eric growls at Quinn that she betrayed him and broke their vows.

By the pool at Brooke’s place, she suddenly gets a bad feeling. Bill checks the grounds but reports that everything’s fine. Brooke still has a sinking feeling there is someplace she should be.

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Coco-after-accident-BB-JJAt the side of the road, Coco shakily calls 911 and tells them she was in an accident and her boyfriend’s bleeding. “I can’t wake him up.” She cries to the unconscious RJ that this is all her fault as she hears sirens.

At the hospital, Coco fields some questions as RJ is examined.

At home, Brooke takes a call from Coco who tells her there’s been an accident and RJ is hospitalized. Brooke hollers to Bill, and says she’ll contact Ridge on the way.

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In the Forrester living room, Ridge takes exception to Sheila being privy to their business. Eric sneers about him feeling superior. Ridge becomes emotional about his dad, and reveals he set out to discredit Quinn, but instead found a woman who was devoted to her husband. Eric chortles that Ridge has competed with him for everything. Ridge’s phone rings. He glances at it and exits abruptly. Eric chides Quinn. “Did you think he was your rock?” Quinn wasn’t looking to get anything from Ridge, and is irritated by Sheila’s presence. Eric-yell-Quinn-BB-HWEric likes someone there who tells him the truth. He rehashes how Quinn changed his world, and she pleads that they can fix this if he’ll forgive her. It’s asking a lot but they have a lot to lose. Eric sneers about one kiss being worth more than their marriage. Quinn agrees – it’s too cheap to be tragic – but sobs that they can get through this. Eric bellows, “I want you to leave.” Triumphant, Quinn thinks he’s addressing Sheila, but he means her. Quinn goes, saying, “I will never stop loving you.” As Eric stares, devastated, at Quinn’s portrait, Sheila places her hand on his shoulder, and embraces him from behind, exhaling into a smile.

At the hospital, the doctor is updating Brooke and Bill when Ridge arrives. As the doc goes on about a concussion, Bill checks on Coco, who alludes to the state of the car. Ridge wonders if the brakes gave out or if RJ lost control. Coco reveals she was driving. Just then, RJ awakens. He wants Coco right away. She sniffles. “I’m so sorry.”

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