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In the Forrester living room, Ridge wants Eric to make Sheila leave, but she retorts that she’s not going anywhere until he tells his father the truth. Sheila dares Quinn to tell Eric that she’s wrong. Eric rants that the idea they would have sex is crazy. Quinn says she would never do that and Ridge again asks to speak to Eric without Sheila there. Eric wants to address this now. As Ridge stammers, Eric hollers at him to spit it out. Ridge recaps how he hated Quinn, but he kissed her when they were at the convention. He takes full responsibility. Sheila scoffs – it stopped there? Quinn pleads with Ridge that Eric needs to know everything. She admits there were more ‘moments’. They rush to explain it away. Quinn doesn’t want to lose Eric, but he feels these were moments that decent people wouldn’t have; moments that end marriages. He wants to know if it’s the reason Ridge and Brooke broke up, so they confess to what happened on the beach in Australia. Eric flashes to Brooke coming to his room and realizes they convinced her to keep quiet. Ridge protests that Quinn is right for Eric, and Brooke didn’t want him to throw that away. Quinn seeks Eric’s forgiveness, and Ridge asks him not to punish his wife for a stupid mistake. Eric begins yelling about this being an affair as Quinn becomes emotional about losing what she has, and Sheila snarks. Quinn begs Eric. “Please tell me you’ll forgive me!”

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Outside Forrester Creations, RJ surprises Coco – they’re going for a drive in his father’s classic convertible. Coco enthuses that he’s the coolest boyfriend ever. She snaps photos of RJ driving as they cruise around. They stop to admire the view and take more playful selfies, before getting into the backseat to make out. RJ offers Coco the opportunity to drive. She tries to use her cellphone while rounding a corner and nearly misses an approaching car. They crash.

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Bill and Brooke lounge outside their home and canoodle. Bill swims and then joins Brooke on her chair. They talk about RJ, who is supposed to be coming for dinner. Bill makes cracks about the kid growing up with Ridge as a role model. He boasts he could give RJ tips if this thing with Coco is getting serious, and talk turns to why Brooke dumped Ridge. Brooke insists she’s not protecting him, it’s just that some things don’t need to be talked about again. Bill insists he’ll find out and Brooke giggles that he’s impossible. They kiss, and then chat about whether Bill would embarrass RJ if he brings Coco over. Brooke thanks her husband for spending the afternoon with her and he thanks her for tolerating him. They kiss some more.

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