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In the Forrester mansion living room, Sheila tells Eric she’s so sorry, but his son and his wife are having an affair. Eric shouts about her coming into his home and saying these things. “How dare you, Sheila! How dare you!” Seething, Eric hollers that it’s lies and orders her out. He wants her gone…for good! Down in the guesthouse, Ridge and Quinn bicker about her suggestion they come clean with Eric. She wants him to hear it from her, not Sheila. Ridge mumbles that they got caught up in something, while Quinn moans that she can’t lose Eric the way Ridge lost Brooke. Ridge continues to protest, but Quinn explains this will always hang over them, and says Eric deserves better. In the main house, Sheila tries to convince her ex-husband that an affair is going on. Eric sneers that she’s just as evil and deceitful as ever – something this sick and twisted could only come from a mind like hers. They go back and forth until Eric physically directs Sheila toward the door. Ridge enters with Quinn, who barks, “Sheila get out!” Sheila narrows her eyes. “Oh no. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

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At Spectra Fashions, Thomas and Sally enthuse about getting themselves included in the Monte Carlo event. Sally gets a reminder invitation from Shirley for her Fourth of July party. She and Thomas agree they’ve a lot to celebrate and gaze into each other’s eyes. The conversation returns to Steffy and the photo shoot. Thomas was impressed with how his sister handled herself and feels she’s beginning to accept his choice. Sally muses that she could be mad at him – she was supposed to have turned over a new leaf. Thomas shrugs it off – Steffy accepted the challenge and it’s exactly the PR they need. He assures Sally they’ll come up with a line and will ‘wow’ the bigwigs in Monaco. Sally has one remaining concern – Coco did not look happy with her. Thomas looks ahead to them going toe-to-toe with Forrester and predicts they’ll kick Steffy’s ass in Monte Carlo. Sally couldn’t have imagined anything like this in her wildest dreams – or anyone like him. They kiss.

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In the design office at Forrester, Coco reminds RJ about her Gram’s party before switching gears to talk about what Sally pulled at the photo shoot. RJ feels it was Thomas’ idea, but Coco argues she didn’t have to go along with it. She questions if Sally learned from the spycam debacle and expected more from her sister. RJ thinks it was all in good fun and encourages her not to worry. Next, RJ suggests they do a photo shoot to commemorate their first party as a couple and presents her with an American flag bikini. Coco laughs and refuses. RJ accepts that, but has another surprise for her. Coco kisses him.

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