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At the Forrester Creations rooftop photo shoot, Thomas grabs some swimsuits and cover-ups off a rack, and pulls Sally away. Meanwhile, the shoot wraps and everyone enthuses about how well it went. As Jarrett is interviewing Steffy live for Eye on Fashion, Thomas and Sally suddenly appear on camera. Thomas says he heard about Forrester’s plans in Monte Carlo and announces they’d like to challenge Steffy to a fashion duel. Steffy scoffs that Monte Carlo isn’t ready for Spectra Fashions, but Thomas chides her, and brings up the senior Sally Spectra’s past success overseas. Jarrett recalls it fondly, and asks Steffy if she’ll accept the challenge. Steffy tries to avoid answering, and Rick, Nicole, Wyatt, and Liam all try to intervene on her behalf. Sally beams as Thomas points out it would double the funds going to charity. Steffy is forced to accept when Jarrett presses her. The camera stops rolling, and Steffy snarls that her brother has turned into a Spectra overnight. She vows he’ll regret this, and says Spectra is going down. Katie and Wyatt discuss the new development – she smiles and says she can handle it…with some help from a friend.

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Inside Forrester, Pam asks Eric if he has seen Charlie. She notes they’ve had a few spats lately, but laughs that it’s not like he’s spending time with another woman or anything. After, Eric looks at a framed photo and flashes to marrying Quinn and kissing her by the water.

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In the car outside the Forrester mansion, Sheila can ‘see the truth’ all over Charlie’s face and is appalled at Ridge and Quinn’s treatment of Eric. Inside the house, Quinn takes a call from Eric and learns he’s on his way home. Ridge urges her to pull herself together. She suggests that maybe they should tell his father the truth. They make their way outside. In the car, Charlie wants to leave, but Sheila spots Ridge and Quinn gesticulating as they argue on the terrace and gasps that she was right – Quinn is acting guilty. Charlie protests that she can’t hear them, but Sheila has decided they are having an affair and she can’t let them get away with it. Sheila spots Ridge and Quinn enter the guesthouse and announces she’s staying as Charlie leaves. In the guesthouse, Ridge tries to calm Quinn, and insists they must say nothing to Eric. At the main house, Eric enters, and calls out for his wife as he fixes a drink. Sheila appears. Eric asks why she didn’t leave L.A. Sheila launches into a speech about what a good man he is, and how he deserves someone who appreciates him and loves him unconditionally. Eric says Quinn does that, but Sheila disagrees. “I’m sorry, Eric, but I think Quinn and Ridge are having an affair.” Eric smashes his glass against the wall and glowers at Sheila.

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