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Outside Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy meet with Katie and Wyatt as a calendar shoot for the swimwear line gets under way as a test run for Monte Carlo.Katie-Wyatt-Liam-Steffy-shoot-BB-CBS In the office, Ridge updates Eric that everything is going well outside. Eric quips that they asked him to model a swimsuit, but he declined. They talk about how things have turned around since the theft of their line and the shooting. Elsewhere, Charlie is stunned when Pam shows her a photo of a woman who hurt her family and it’s Sheila. He groans, recognizing her as the woman asking him questions, and Pam asks, “What have you done?”

At Spectra, Thomas warns Sally they have to be able to compete realistically with Forrester. He takes a call from Steffy and assures her he’s doing fantastic. They spar verbally about whether he’s invited to Monte Carlo, and she tells him they’re currently doing a charity shoot if he wants to see what he’s missing. He disconnects and stresses to Sally that they have to get buzz going. Thomas gets an idea, and smiles to Sally that it’s a page right out of her book. Sally laughs as he suggests they make a splash at the swimwear shoot.

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In the Forrester living room, Sheila informs Quinn she’s there about Eric’s happiness.Sheila-confront-Quinn-guilt-BB-CBS She senses Quinn is uncomfortable, even guilty. Quinn insists they’re very happy, Sheila replies, “You, Eric, and Ridge.” She departs, warning that Quinn has nothing to worry about as long as she’s a loving, devoted wife. Once alone, Quinn phones Ridge to get over there. Later, Ridge arrives and blanches as Quinn informs him that Sheila paid her a visit and was talking like she knew their secret. Ridge insists she get a hold of herself – Sheila hasn’t been around long enough to know anything.

In a restaurant, Sheila discovers online that Brooke and Ridge called off their Australian wedding. She flashes to Charlie saying Ridge likes Quinn just fine, and wonders how Ridge and Quinn could betray Eric like that.

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Swimsuit-shoot-BB-CBSJarrett arrives at the Forrester calendar shoot, where Steffy and Katie report their plans. Katie whispers to Wyatt that she feels bad taking all the credit and thanks him again. Elsewhere, Sheila arrives and corners Charlie. He’s not pleased to see her, but she says she agrees with his suspicions and talks him into driving her to the Forrester mansion to see if Ridge is with Quinn. After, Thomas and Sally sneak up unseen as the photo shoot is in full swing.

Charlie and Sheila arrive at the mansion, bickering about his discomfort. Sheila brandishes binoculars and demands the security guard tell her if something is going on between Ridge and Quinn. She barks, “Answer me!”

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Ridge and Quinn talk about possibly coming clean to Eric.

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