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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Katie run the swimwear line by Ridge, who grumps about it being at the Spencer Summit. Katie explains it will save money, and adds she is sure Wyatt will have no objection. Katie-pitch-BB-CBSAt Pam’s desk, she angry-whispers at Charlie about his ongoing insinuations that Ridge and Quinn are having an affair. She insists Ridge would never betray his father that way. Later, Wyatt joins the meeting in the boardroom and pretends to be keen to hear Katie’s marketing idea. After she does her spiel, Wyatt agrees it would put Spencer in a positive light and give them exclusives – he’ll run it by Bill, but doubts he’ll object. Katie and Wyatt exchange secret smiles as he congratulates her. Steffy and Ridge also compliment her. Once alone, Steffy calls Liam and is pleased he’s also on board. She thinks about Monte Carlo and grins. In the design office, Katie tells Wyatt how much this success means to her, and thanks him again.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila flashes to a romantic time with Eric before snapping at a waiter who knocks into her table.Sheila-grill-Charlie-BB-CBS When everyone turns to look, she pleasantly demurs that accidents do happen. Later, Sheila spots Charlie and invites herself to join him. She notices Charlie seems uptight and fishes to find out if his mood has anything to do with Eric. Once Sheila’s buttered him up sufficiently she turns the conversation to Quinn. Charlie remarks that not everyone dislikes her – Ridge likes her just fine. Sheila wonders what he’s implying, but Charlie decides he has to go. Once alone, Sheila ponders if Ridge would have an affair with his own stepmother and thinks, “I can’t believe it.”

In the Forrester mansion living room, Quinn promises Eric she’ll never make him regret loving her. He replies, “You never could.” Quinn enthuses about her life, and Eric waxes on about how he can’t imagine living his life without her. Talk turns to work, and Eric brings up Katie’s idea for Monte Carlo.Quinn-visit-from-Sheila-BB-CB They recall their time there and canoodle. Quinn assures Eric he’s the only man for her. Later, Sheila arrives at the door and strides into the living room as Quinn protests – Eric’s not home. Sheila turns and says, “Good. We’re alone.” Quinn warns that Ridge, who lives on the property, wouldn’t like her being there. Sheila feels Quinn sees her as a threat. Quinn concedes that maybe it’s because she’s a psycho, and questions why she’s there. Sheila brings up Ridge again, as well as being falsely accused of shooting her. Quinn wonders if she’s there to accuse her in return. Sheila purrs, “How could I? You haven’t done anything wrong. Have you, Quinn?”

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