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At the Forrester mansion, Rick, Vivienne, and Zende continue to clash with Julius, who, undeterred, accuses the others of attacking Nicole. Maya feels Lizzie will pick up on the tension and has Rick take her to the den. She then tells Nicole, “You are not wrong.” Maya admits she may have messed up, but pleads with Nicole not to take her daughter away. Julius-Rick-Vivienne-Maya-adoption-BB-CBSZende urges Maya not to blame herself, but Julius stuns everyone by interjecting that he blames her – Maya is childless and that’s a fact of nature. He turns to Nicole and says, “You are not signing those papers. That baby is yours.” Vivienne steps in and encourages her daughters to listen to one another. Rick points out that Lizzie is his biological daughter, and Zende chimes in that the woman he calls ‘Mom’ isn’t his biological mother yet she’s his heart and soul – like Maya is to Lizzie. Maya opens up to her sister about how it felt to become a mother. Nicole sobs that she doesn’t think Maya’s a bad mother, but when Lizzie was born she never felt so much love in one moment…and she’s not sure she can live without knowing that feeling again. Maya informs Nicole if she goes to court, she’ll win because she won’t fight her. Julius tells Nicole to tear up the papers and gives Maya credit for being a lady. Rick gapes at Maya as she repeats this is Nicole’s choice. Maya reminds him they always told her sister it was her choice.Nicole-sign-papers-BB-CBS “Did we mean it or not?” Nicole tells Zende she’s sorry she is putting everyone through this and he assures her he’s on her side. She worries what if she can’t have another child. Zende suggests maybe they were meant to adopt, but they’ll have a family and be happy. Nicole takes the adoption papers from Vivienne…and signs them. Julius purses his lips and expresses hope that no one in the room ever has reason to regret this day. Rick breaks down thanking his sister-in-law, who hates that she hurt him. Nicole loves Lizzie, but isn’t her mother. She turns to Maya and says, “You are. And you always were.”

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Wyatt arrives at Katie’s door with one of Will’s toy trucks in hand. She invites him in to eat, and he agrees.Wyatt-Katie-lunch-BB-CBS “Let’s do it.” Katie wants to talk more about Monte Carlo and Wyatt’s happy to do so since she’s feeding him and helped saved his mother. Over lunch, they talk permits, and Wyatt is amazed by Katie’s abilities in the kitchen. The conversation returns to Steffy loving the idea, and Katie starts enthusing about having men is suits serving the bikini-clad swimsuit models. Wyatt thinks it’s great, and has to remind her they’re not working together. She wishes they were. Wyatt thanks her for lunch and leaves Katie smiling.

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