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Steffy and Liam kiss in the Forrester Creations boardroom, still relaxed from their spa date. Outside the door, Katie flashes to her previous conversation with Wyatt at Spencer Publications in which they hatched the idea of the swimwear line. She enters the office and Liam exits so Steffy can hear Katie’s idea. Katie has one word for her – swimwear. She shares the concept of launching a new swimwear line with the Spencer Summit as the location. She paints a picture with words and Steffy finds it sexy and glamorous; she’s impressed. In the photo studio, Coco and RJ make their relationship official on social media and share a kiss. Zende appears and talk turns to Nicole’s issues. He thinks Julius is messing with her head, and plans to speak to Vivienne. Once alone, RJ and Coco canoodle some more. In the design office, Maya and Rick discuss the adoption issue with Vivienne. Maya is puzzled as to why her sister can’t understand she is Lizzie’s mother. Vivienne thinks something else is getting to Nicole. Maya tells her it’s someone else. “Daddy.” Viv apologizes for her husband, and Zende enters. He confirms Julius is leading Nicole in the wrong direction. Vivienne is appalled at the things Julius has been saying and they decide to confront him. Zende assures Maya they’ll stop him.

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At the Forrester mansion, Julius tells Nicole he hopes she will never sign the adoption papers. He declares it’s a sign from the heavens that Lizzie should be with her real mother. “You, Nicole.” He drives the point home that she gave birth to the child, and she may be the only child she’ll ever have. They debate about the choice she made. Julius insists that what Maya is doing to her is just wrong. Julius is loudly reiterating that Lizzie is Nicole’s child, not Maya’s, when the others arrive. Vivienne asks what the hell he’s saying to her, Rick rants about losing respect for Julius, and Zende vows his support to Nicole, but declares that Rick is Lizzie’s father, not him, and Maya is her mother. “Sign those adoption papers and put this behind us!” he implores.

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Liam arrives at Spencer and tells Wyatt that Katie got his former position at Forrester. Wyatt reveals that he already spoke to Katie and is fine with it. Liam says she’s enthusiastic about the idea she’s pitching to Steffy. Wyatt opines that people will be pleasantly surprised at what she’s capable of, and goes on about the respect he has for her. Liam agrees, and wonders what changes she’ll make at Forrester. Wyatt feels it will be exciting and provocative. Later, Wyatt gets a call from a jubilant Katie, who lets him know that Steffy loved the idea. Wyatt’s happy for her and is willing to help with anything she needs. She’ll keep him posted.

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