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At Il Giardino, Charlie assures Sheila she doesn’t need to worry about Eric, and asks about her connection to the family. Sheila muses that Stephanie was the kind of friend who would take a bullet for her. She fishes to find out if Quinn is good for Eric. Charlie reassures her he’s looking out for the senior Forrester, but suggests maybe she should talk to her ex-husband about Quinn.

In the Forrester boardroom, Eric canoodles with Quinn and they discuss Katie’s new position. Ridge enters as they are kissing, and Eric takes off. Ridge and Quinn rehash him saving her life. Quinn has a new perspective on life and wants to be the woman Eric believes her to be. Ridge learns she bought him a gift – a bottle of tequila with no bad memories attached.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt advises Katie on her new job. She alludes to keeping Steffy in the public eye, but quickly apologizes. Wyatt assures her he doesn’t mind talking about his ex-wife, and suggests she make behind-the-scenes posts about her. Katie senses he’s not over her. She wants to make a splash at work and Wyatt shares an idea. “Two words: Spencer Summit.” He feels everyone who’s anyone is going to be there – its the perfect place to make a splash. They both yell, “A fashion show!” and agree a swimwear line would be ideal. Wyatt offers to help in any way he can; as a bachelor he has time on his hands. Katie may take him up on that…

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Lounging in a cabana, Steffy gushes about Liam’s surprises and a day spent relaxing at the spa. Liam orders delicious food and they kiss. Steffy wouldn’t mind her handsome man doing her massage. Liam teases that gratuity is not included and gives her a sexy rubdown. After, Steffy thanks him for taking the crazy out of their lives and they kiss some more.

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At the Forrester mansion, Sheila surprises Eric and claims she can’t leave Los Angeles until she knows he’s okay – she can’t stand the idea of someone causing him harm. Eric assures her he’s happier than he’s ever been in his life, and finds it inappropriate that she’s questionig his marriage. Sheila reassures him before leaving. Outside, she encounters Quinn, who doesn’t want her there when she’s not home. Sheila thinks she’s intimated by her, and warns Quinn to appreciate Eric. Quinn reaches for Sheila, who snaps, “Don’t touch me! If you do that again, I will snap you in two!” She body checks Quinn as she leaves and turns back to glare daggers in her direction.

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